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It's pretty rocky for about a quarter mile and at the north end is a cliff that's close to the water. With luck we'll be hiking by 1: The house wine is an Australian Penfeld Shiraz. He wrote of the beautiful lake, which he called Lake Crescent, and the name soon became well established. Their whereabouts remained unknown until , when their Chevrolet automobile was found over feet beneath the surface of Lake Crescent. We see limpets, cute mini-crabs, hermit crabs, star fish, chitons, herons, cormorants, lots of vibrantly colored sea weed. It turns out to be the best water we see till we pass Johnson point the next day. View from the ferry ride at ungodly hour in the morning Last minute packing on Friday has us all finally in bed at about


The lake was formed when glaciers carved out deep valleys during the last Ice Age. Anadromous fish such as steelhead and coastal cutthroat trout migrated into the valley from lower waters. We have time to spare! We're way ahead of schedule. Another hour and we're at Rialto beach. We hear seals in the distance but never actually see them. The sign there points us to the "backpackers parking" area and it is full to the brim. During the Lake Crescent Bathymetric Survey it was speculated that the erroneous depth record of feet from the s was a result of the sonar signal reflecting off the steep underwater slopes near the shore. Both trails are part of the "North Cast Beach Travelway" and this section is also known as the "shipwreck coast" due to the number of ships that have been lost here. However, when power cable was being laid in the lake in the s, instruments showed depths in excess of feet, the maximum range of the equipment used. There's lots of people here but not enough for all the cars in the parking lot. Maybe 50 cars or more. There's a nice creek for water here too. We're prepared to drop anchor almost anywhere. Too bad about his job but it's good to have him on the trip The trail is also the western most end of the "Pacific Northwest Trail" - miles of trails, roads and some bushwacking that ends in Montana at Glacier National Park. Much of the shoreline of the lake drops off steeply, in many cases a shear underwater cliff face. An hour later and we're at Lake Pleasant where we're supposed to meet Jeff. Last year we hiked Oil City to Third beach and saw almost no one. He wrote of the beautiful lake, which he called Lake Crescent, and the name soon became well established. We grumble at the lack of restroom but are happy to find the line for permits is short at the moment. He served nine years in prison, until he was paroled in Just enough time to make a thermos of coffee and run. Easily one of my favorite hikes ever. Final tally on Joan and my packs is 28 and 42 lbs we eat well ;-. We drop off Jeff's car and drive back the way we came in.


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He wrote of the beautiful lake, which he called Lake Crescent, and the name soon became well established. Sea stacks south of Chilean Memorial At two and half miles we reach the first major point.

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