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You want to improve your relationship. But, fingers crossed, it could happen…. Try to fulfill her sexual desires before sharing yours. Apparently he had whispered to her that he was going to fuck her like this every time and that she was going to beg for it. We're even creating our own site for like-minded people - http: Tell her about your sexual fantasy and in the same time ask her fantasy that she have. The fantasy came back up, and got stronger. This happened 2 months before our wedding. He lay again on her back and got right on top of her.

Wife threesum

Then he turned her over and started on her from behind, her favorite position. LookingForward May 7, at 5: Her finger nails were digging into his back with every thrust and her eyes scrunched shut as I knew it must be hurting her. My advice is to really be there for her, and be in her corner. The most things you need to do is assuring that your wife is always the most important person in your life. After some years we have now discussed this again. In no time he had taken her skirt and top off and all she was left wearing were black thigh high stockings and black high heel shoes still sucking him off. The problem is that we are now ignoring that it ever happened. It's really important that you reassure her about how much you love her, and that you don't need to have another involved in order to have great sex. Tell her that your only fantasy is to try new idea of sex and have completely a new sexual experience in life in term of threesome. We're even creating our own site for like-minded people - http: Show her that it was your common idea, and that you love and support her in that hard situation for her. You want to improve your relationship. She was trying to hold it in, I could tell, but it was more than she could handle so fast. Suddenly he pulled out and before he could stop it the cum landed all over her stomach. You need to check and with for the right moment. VERY shy and sensitive, easily embarrassed, this losing girl accepts bets for consequences she can barely tolerate psychologically. D Oct 10, at 6: This created some of the hottest sex we have ever had. He was playing with her breasts with one hand and had the other hand on the bed to support him. Second couple was hot, both bi also on our list but we thought it would be good to think about it and get back with them. What kind of mood is your wife in and what exactly her feeling about having threesome. Don't give up if you won't get an answer. Cindy and I never really talked dirty in bed but I think this time called for it. For the ones who did it and have regrets, try to rebuild your relationship and learn from this experience beyond the sex part. However, we did decide to have a MFM

Wife threesum

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The husband in the first couple didn't do it for either of us, so we declined their invite to their house. Then started the beginning of the end of our sex life.

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