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History is also silent. Nevertheless, He chose to die to pay the price for us. These proceedings caused Pilate to marvel. No, nor yet Herod: The motive for such a change would be to cover up the fact that Jesus had tried to organize a revolt against the Romans and was crucified as a result. On the previous night, Jesus had been taken and arrested by the Jewish religious leaders. Thus the Jewish leaders could have told their servants and henchmen to shout for Barabbas to be released, and the rest of the crowd could have then joined in. There were all sorts of stories about the things that Jesus had done. To make the judgement official, Jesus had been taken to the Roman authorities the next morning; the morning of the 14th.

What happened to barrabas

But other ancient sources do preserve some traditions about him. The choice is each of ours to make. No, nor yet Herod: Later copies of Luke contain a corresponding verse Luke Secondly, he acknowledged his own sin. The cross is his normal end. Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: The likely explanation is that the crowd was dominated by employees of the Jewish religious authorities. He had no idea what was happening. This is often our thought when we are caught out. He could have been there. The Bible makes no further mention of Barabbas after he was released, but you would think that he would have stayed around to see what happened to the Man who took his place. The Bible gives no clue, and secular history does not help. Barabbas was a troublemaker, a thief and a murderer. One of the soldiers undid the chains that bound his hands and feet. Here he is therefore together with Jesus before the Pilate. Barabbas, was a criminal, responsible for insurgence, murder and robbery. A passage found only in the Gospel of Matthew has the crowd saying of Jesus , "Let his blood be upon us and upon our children. He, the Innocent One, bore the punishment we rightly deserved. Realizing the time of year, Pilate knew that there was a tradition of releasing a Jewish prisoner each Passover. The punishment for his crimes was that he had to be crucified; which was a common punishment. So Jesus was immediately taken and crucified, along with two other criminals. And they were instant with loud voices, requiring that he might be crucified. All of us were worthy to go to the cross, and destined for the lake of fire. You have been set free.

What happened to barrabas

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Release Barabbas

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See how the Word describes it in Ephesians 2: But the choices available to Barabbas are available to us all:

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