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A lot of what I was doing was massaging gently my deep vaginal walls, and my cervix. Okay, maybe not all the time, and maybe not for everyone. And then, bit by bit, it became more pleasureable, exotic, really loving. Orgasm is basically a feeling that is the peak of your sexual excitement. Sex may sure be over-hyped, but orgasms sure are not. What is an orgasm?

What does an orgasim feel like

Or maybe you did. Expansive orgasms are the way fo the future. It can be frustratingly blissful as you start to build and then lose it and then build again. If you are asking this question, it is quite probable that you think that this definition is very subjective and you have not been able to understand what the peak should feel like. Many blessings on your pleasureable journey…. TNN Last updated on - Mar 20, , Reddit to the rescue. X Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Some of the time, I find myself feeling a little sad or empty afterwards, although they are usually quite pleasureable. So, it is unlikely for you to not know it if you have experienced it. Imagine if more people could experience the bliss of living in n orgasmic state, often, or all the time. And then, when the suspense finally breaks when the bad guy jumps out of the closet or whatever, and there is that feeling or tingles and relief? Itchy…in a good way. By Dr Ram Shukla, a city-based sex therapist and psychiatrist. You keep seeing the server bring food out, and you think for a second that each time you see the server, they may be bringing you your fabulous steak, until FINALLY, you see the server…but instead of walking by you, your desire for this awesome steak is fulfilled. I actually felt this sense of power, magnetism, like some kind of primal feminine energy that everyone I walked by was picking up on, on a sub or unconconscious level. Eventually I entered a kind of buzzed state, a period of plateau, in which not only did my entire body feel pleasurably, sensitively warm, but my mental state was calm, cool, colorful. The pleasure was slow in coming, unlike the more instant gratification of clitoral stimulation. In women, orgasm comes with contractions of the vaginal walls. Contractive orgasms have a tense, high-pitched, build-up kind of feel to them. Each time you start to climb that mountain, it becomes more intense and desperate. But it seems a body with a vagina, and perhaps breasts, and a certain ratio of hormones what some call a female body can learn a bit easier than a high-testosterone male body. The female orgasm is a slow boil. Because the person seeking to experience it must be able to completely relax, honestly, into the situation. And yes, many women do ejaculate, and no, it is not all pee. I already explained the physical sensations. How does an orgasm feel?

What does an orgasim feel like

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How to Have a Clitoral Orgasm

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Some of the time, I find myself feeling a little sad or empty afterwards, although they are usually quite pleasureable. I already explained the physical sensations.

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