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Beware of phony products. Your vayjayjay would thank you. Let's work our way down the picture from top to bottom. No need to interfere with it internally. Your vagina is a very special part of you and there are hundreds of things going on inside there to keep it healthy and functional. While some of this infections are not sexually transmitted. Towards the end of the ovulation period, the earlier stretchy mucus is now dry and usually thicker.

What does a vigana look like

Same shape et al. Vagina may feel very sore with an odor of beer or bread usually with intense itching. But that does not mean that you will not conceive if you experience this. Robin Hood September 13, at Make sure you do so with clean hands, preferably while taking a shower. When you engage in stimulating foreplay with your husband, there is usually a tendency before you engage in sex, the vagina is well lubricated with a slippery and watery discharge that make sexual experience more pleasurable and sometimes this discharge continues to be secreted even after sex. Lara September 13, at 1: Your vayjayjay would thank you. It is not also uncommon if the male semen is discharged after sex. Ib September 13, at 2: This fluid sometimes bursts out like a urine spray. That simply increases the chances of getting an unwanted infection. Beware of phony products. It is accompanied by watery or thick white discharge that resembles cottage cheese. Discharge is usually whitish after sex. I have one too. No need to interfere with it internally. Soap used in vagina coming in contact with chemicals in the vagina area, blood from menses, sexual activity or douching the area can affect adversely the PH of the area causing a change and this also results in discharge. Naijapikin September 13, at 1: Infections play a big role in the type of vagina discharge after sex. It is common to notice a green discharge or bleeding after sex or possibly experience a free flow of discharge after sex. Labium Minor These are kind of the mini-me's of the labium majora. The bristles are soft, but not soft enough to go near my vajayjay. If it has an unusual odour or secretion: Infection such as Bacterial Vaginoses can cause gray discharge that has a fish like smell. Let's work our way down the picture from top to bottom.

What does a vigana look like

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Does My Vagina Look Normal?

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It also has a fishy smell and can cause itching and selling to vagina and the area around it.

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