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Thompson sees in this alternate rising and setting of these two sky figures an astronomic explanation of the symbolism in classic ornithology of the mutual pursuit and flight of Haliaetos and Keiris, the Sea Eagle and Kingfisher, compared in the poem Ciris to these opposed constellations. But Jove [Zeus], the more easily to conceal his fault, left her changed to bear form. Eucharis, from the Greek, Meaning "Charming, Gracious. They who made the images are as follows: Over crags, in terror, she was driven by the cries of hounds; and many a time she fled in fear, a huntress from the hunters, or she hid from savage animals; forgetting her transformed condition.

Ursa latin

Vergil termed it aquosus, nimbosus, and saevus; Horace, tristis and nautis infestus; Pliny, horridus sideribus; and the Latin sailors had a favorite saying, Fallit saepissime naulas Orion. Athena from the Greek, Meaning "Wisdom. In Egypt, as everywhere, Orion was of course prominent, especially so in the square zodiac of Denderah, as Horus in a boat surmounted by stars, followed by Sirius , shown as a cow, also in a boat; and nearly three thousand years previously had been sculptured on the walls of the recently discovered step-temple of Sakkara, and in the great Ramesseum of Thebes about B. Matthew Arnold similarly wrote in his Sohrab and Rustum: Candace from the Greek, Meaning "Fire-white" or "Incandescent. But later on in the voyage, when the fleet was off Capreae, the old pilot, in his astronomical enthusiasm dum sidera servat, lost his balance, and tumbled overboard. At one time it was Aletropodion, found in the Uranologia of Petavius of the 16th century, which Ideler said should be Alektropodion, Cock's Foot, likening the constellation to a Strutting Cock; but Brown goes back to Ale, Roaming, and so reads it Aletropodion, the Foot-turning Wanderer, mythologically recorded as roaming in his blindness till miraculously restored to sight by viewing the rising sun. The Athenian comedian Amphis was the first to introduce the farcical tale of Zeus seducing Kallisto Callisto in the guise of Artemis. These offerings were sent by the Tegeans to Delphoi after they took prisoners the Lakedaimonians that attacked their city. Saturnus has been another title, but its connection here I cannot learn, although I hazard the guess that as this divinity was the sun-god of the Phoenicians, his name might naturally be used for Uruanna-Orion, the sun-god of the Akkadians. Ursa was the constellation of Kallisto. Who, then, should hesitate to put affront on Juno? Riccioli cited Baculus Jacobi, which became in popular English speech Jacob's Rod or Staff, — the German Jakob Stab, — from the tradition given by Eusebius that Israel was an astrologer, as, indeed, he doubtless was; and some had it Peter's Staff. This hero was the father of twenty-seven daughters, the wives of King Soma, the Moon, with whom the latter equally divided his time, thus referring to the nakshatras. Ovid said that the constellation was Comesque Bootae; and some authors asserted that Orion never set, an idea possibly coming from the early confusion in name with Bootes already alluded to; although even as to that constellation the assertion would not have been strictly correct. Hesiod [poet C8th-7th B. Cynthia from the Greek kynthos, Meaning "From the Cynthus. Arcas by Callisto, daughter of Lycaon. Many classical authors variously alluded to it as a calendar sign, for its morning rising indicated the beginning of summer, when, as we find in the Works and Days, the husbandman was instructed to Forget not, when Orion first appears, To make your servants thresh the sacred ears; his midnight rising marked the season of grape-gathering; and his evening appearance the approach of winter and its attendant storms: Arcas, son of Jove [Zeus] and Callisto, placed among the stars. The epithet "Inconstant" has fancifully been referred to the storms usual at his rising. Changed into a bear, she fled affrighted from the bears that haunt the rugged mountains; and she feared and fled the wolves,--although her father [Lycaon] was a wolf. In the first version of the story Kallisto swore to preserve her virginity for as long as she remained in the company of the goddess. Some think that the Belt stars, delta, epsilon, zeta, known to the Arabs as the Golden Nuts, first bore the name Jauzah, either from another meaning of that word, — Walnut, — or because they lay in the centre of the splendid quadrangle formed by alpha, beta, gamma, and kappa; or from their position on the equator, the great central circle; the title subsequently passing to the whole figure. She Remains a Virgin. He says, too, that Ceteus himself was called the [constellation] Kneeler.

Ursa latin

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The native Australians knew the stars as Young Men dancing a corroboree, the Pleiades being the Maidens playing for them; and the Poignave Indians of the Orinoco, according to Von Humboldt, as Fuebot, a word that he said resembled the Phoenician.

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