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The regression sessions are pretty heavy-handed. At the hospital where his training is done, Peter meets John E. Adair explains how at age 17 he built an electro-magnetic containment plasma fusion rocket engine and was invited by Air Force bigwigs to launch it at White Sands Missal Range. November 17, Format: Mack, MD, a clinical psychiatrist who works with people who think they have been abducted by aliens. What Peter comes out with does not seem to come from him.

Ufotv presents

The local scientist claims that these experiences can make one crazy, but one does not experience such things because one is already crazy. November 17, Format: Also revealed are his meetings with renowned physicist Stephan Hawkings. They move back to the States, to snow country, and he enrolls in acupuncture school. Luister wat onze professionals jou te melden hebben en ontdek hoe oude wijsheden herleven. Mack's best opinion on the subject was that the abduction scenario is just part of the grand human tradition of similarities in hallucinations. One night, months later at home, his sleep is disturbed, and he gets some night terror. Space technology transfer consultant and former rocket whiz kid David Adair speaks out for the first time on camera in this interview about his remarkable encounters with an alien engine, DOD agents, and Air Force General Curtis Lemay in at Groom Lake, Nevada Area The paranormal, the extraterrestrial, and transcendent beings are all culturally accepted. It is the Aliens from outer space and they are the devil" just like Governments and Religions say about Recreational Cannabis, and that the people should allow their Government and their Religion to have full control of the People's freedom; then the Governments and Religions will move into a higher phase as slave-masters in which the slaves will not revolt from their slavery, and then the end result is a New World Order with a New Slave-Master, and it worked successfully by using the strategy known as fear mongering, and it deceived The World unlike any other! More time to polish the party line, one assumes. Harvard did not openly censure Mack. He falls in love with Jamy, and life is even better after they eventually marry. People do like their fifteen minutes of fame. What Peter comes out with does not seem to come from him. Also, they enjoy lying to be part of a larger group. Put those two together, and the shared hallucinations are as natural as anything, especially if sharing gets you in a movie. The third case study shows up, Luppa, a man who had a normal, successful life, and did not need, in any sense, the bother of experiencing alien presences. One night she's beset with electricity and paralysis. He held a tenured professorial position at Harvard until he died in Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. The alien veneer is more about people sucking in narratives from popular culture, like The X-Files, and adding that to the shared hallucinations. Je kunt hier dagelijks terecht om inspirerende videofilms te kijken, interessante audiofragmenten te beluisteren of waardevolle artikelen te lezen. The film shows Peter making bubbles while a tape of one of Peter's session is played. She asks the universe for some sort of physical sign that her experiences are real or not.

Ufotv presents

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Ghosts and aliens are an industry in their own right, and have many cliches available for consumption. Also, they enjoy lying to be part of a larger group.

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