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Sherrell, one of the few badges on the front of Wildflower is a club badge for his TC Owner's Club - wrangled through some trading of other club badges. Sue and I headed home after a side trip to see the equine Wildflower that the car is named after. I didn't bother trying to charge it - just pulled the old battery and bought a new one at Sam's club tonight. The paint on the new tank is more yellow and darker than the rest of the car due to the painter only having a small panel to base the paint on, but it is close enough that it should be OK. An easy fix as the appropriate gear oil was in stock. Amazingly, the transmission showed up less than two days after I bought it! Sandy and Pam actually took Sandy's Corvette. The tire went on with only a little struggle, and aired up fine. However, as I started to get the headpipe back on, the flexpipe back section came loose.

Today tonight perth catch up

I will see if I can get the 'new' tank repaired properly without damaging the paint, which means another tank swap in the future. And you can read more about tonight's stories on our Facebook page or our website, including a statement from Macquarie Media. This may be Wildflower's last trip to New Kent. July 5, - In a show of sympathy, Richard's TC also developed idle problems that we traced to point gap issues today. All ready to go now! Once I pulled Wildflower's fuel tank, I saw just how bad the bottom was. I also sealed the threads with Hylomar, a special fuel-proof sealant I used with great success on the sending unit. I hope I can get the new tank repaired without ruining the new paint. I have spares in the carb parts box I left over at Richard's so I'll get it replaced soon. Not ideal, but better than nothing, and certainly better than removing the rear fenders and trying to get them lined up properly! Anyway, I ended up buying it OK, it was not cheap, but a really good buy and the seller did a super job of building a crate to protect it. Susan Bond did a quick check and found out that the weekend schedule meant a two-hour wait, so we revised plans and stopped back by the airport for the group shot with a Stearman biplane, dinner at a great seafood restaurant called Blue Pete's, and finally, a visit to Terry and Sue's amazing garage with a 's auto parts store recreated on the second floor. I put the windshield back in and started cleanup for the show. May 3, - The TC team followed up the national car show with a mile tour of parts of Virginia and North Carolina. January 27, - Stubborn Starter - I have spent several hours the past week trying to get the starter back in place. October 16, - Gas-stick distress - I made an unhappy discovery the morning of Classics on the Green - the stainless steel fuel level stick had come apart and fallen down into the tank. This needs to be recognised and for your effort John I congratulate you, your planning and promotion resulted in an attendance of around when our weekly dance averages around which is an excellent result. Once the pipe is fixed, it should take less than an hour to finish the TC up and have her ready for a drive. Easy to fix - if you have a welder. We had a great time at the show - I packed a picnic lunch of sliced fresh-baked French bread, butter, and sharp cheddar cheese, with bottled water. Most, including mine, have also had rust issues over the nearly 70 years they have held fuel. Anyway, after sitting since the end of January, Wildflower fired right up and carried me and buddy Chip almost flawlessly. Hopefully it won't back out again. January 12, - It's all over, and though Wildflower was very popular, she did not win the Grand Prize. I also got the rear wheels and fender wells cleaned up, along with the spare and gas tank straps. Yes, even worse than 'Triumph'! However, over the past twenty, as a result of increasing levels of traffic and new development there has been increasing concern and a noticeable increase in traffic congestion and related air quality issues in, and around, Perth.

Today tonight perth catch up

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The entire setup can be easily converted back to the original setup - I even have a spare TC distributor ready to drop in. Either the seller lied, or Renu did a terrible job.

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