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There is no other place on earth like it. Several large historic structures including Snyder Mercantile, The Shamrock Building and the newly restored St Francis Chapel, a Community Center, a Fire Hall, Ferry and Seaplane dock, a newly upgraded boat harbor and a great school facility can all be found in this wonderful little village. Hope u have time to inhale. Total precipitation averages 69 inches a year, with 62 inches of snow. Staple activities of Tenakee Springs, besides bathing in the hot spring, include hunting, kayaking, and sailing.

Tenakee springs ak

The Alaska Marine Highway System The State Ferry provides passenger transportation only, since there is no vehicle landing facilities or local roads in Tenakee. The town features a bath house with a degree sulfur hot mineral spring for public bathing. The natural mineral water filling the spring flows at a constant rate of about seven gallons per minute and maintains a steady temperature of about degrees Fahrenheit or 41 degrees Celsius, even into the coldest parts of winter. I love the solitude and lack of neighbors.. A village to retreat, relax and soak up life For over 50 years the Blue Moon Cafe has been serving people and The Bakery, located in the historic Shamrock building, is famous for its warm, fresh cinnamon rolls. From the exciting float plane arrival to our "sad to leave" depature , each moment was so memorable. Joan is an exceptional host in every way. You can hike from one end of Chichagof island to the other. Sleeping without any city noise. Tenakee Springs also includes various other buildings besides the bath house. For centuries miners, packers, trappers, prospectors and other passers-by stopped at the hot springs for a rejuvenating bath. We booked a float plane through Ward Air to get from Juneau to Funter Bay and highly recommend this exciting travel experience! Staple activities of Tenakee Springs, besides bathing in the hot spring, include hunting, kayaking, and sailing. A visit to Tenakee is like taking a step back in time We had a brown bear walk in front of the cabin we spotted Eaglesnest and an eagle soaring and catching salmon out of the bay. This is an Alaskan experience at its best thank you Jones for your hospitality. The population expands in the summer to around , as retirees return from their winter hideaways and others come here to work in the fishing industry. There is no other place on earth like it. However, salmon is far and away the most common fish species in the inlet. We spent a lot of time together and she generously cooked with us, took us out on a boat ride, let us use the kayaks, and was overall very knowledgeable and happy to share lots of stories. A temperate rainforest creates stunning views and a healthy environment Minimizing my footprint and questioning every purchase as to its packaging and purposes. Located southwest of Juneau and on the east side of Chichagof Island, Tenakee Springs is a small and remote community that can only be accessed by boat or plane. The mercantile was established in and now operates as the Tanakee Market. A local Bathhouse Committee works on a donation basis to maintain and run the hot springs, which have separate hours for men and women, and are used at all hours of day and night.

Tenakee springs ak

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Tenakee Springs Alaska

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