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You can go to the movies and get good seats. I love the way that they'll spend hours picking dandelions in the backyard and putting them into a nice centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner. Laughter and were a little tougher. There's just so many things to be happy about. Here he is pictured with the "fearsome foursome. I mean, 50, blogs are started a day, and so my blog was just one of those 50, For the closing thought, I want to take you all the way back to my parents coming to Canada. He channeled his energies into his blog Awesome Things, which counted down one small pleasure -- like snow days, bakery air or finding money in your coat pocket -- every single day for straight days. Why you should listen In , Neil Pasricha's world fell apart after a sudden divorce and death of a close friend.

Ted neil pasricha

Laughter So you can't actually see them, but it was breathtaking, believe me. One, you can swirl and twirl and gloom and doom forever, or two, you can grieve and then face the future with newly sober eyes. While writing his blog, Neil was working as Director of Leadership Development inside Walmart, the world's largest company. Here's a picture of me and my friend, Chris, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. And when we did, my dad would say, "Can you believe someone climbed a tree over there, picked this thing off it, put it in a truck, drove it all the way to the docks and then sailed it all the way across the Atlantic Ocean and then put it in another truck and drove that all the way to a tiny grocery store just outside our house, so they could sell it to us for 25 cents? Life was pretty good. You can smell bakery air, walk around with rain hair, pop bubble wrap or take an illegal nap. The second "A" is Awareness. And that's the sad part. In his deeply authentic self, he also loved needlepoint. We had close family, good friends, a quiet street. Life is so great that we only get such a short time to experience and enjoy all those tiny little moments that make it so sweet. Over the last few years, I haven't had that much time to really think. Can you believe they've got a date from Morocco? And my dad says he got off the plane and he went to this lunch and there was this huge spread. There was lasagna, there was casseroles, there was brownies, there was butter tarts, and there was pies, lots and lots of pies. So I came home from work one night, and I logged onto the computer, and I started up a tiny website called awesomethings. My dad left a small village outside of Amritsar, India. And you end you end up following your heart and feeling very fulfilled. That three-year-old girl is still part of you. Because you all used to be three years old. The result was a page letter written to his unborn son sharing the nine secrets to finding true happiness. There's just so many things to be happy about. Let's go all the way back to when, on a peanut farm in Georgia, a little baby boy named Roosevelt Grier was born. Here he is pictured with the "fearsome foursome. Look, we're all going to get lumps, and we're all going to get bumps.

Ted neil pasricha

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How do you maximize your tiny, short life?

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And being aware is just about remembering that you saw everything you've seen for the first time once, too. I mean, he loved it so much that, after he retired from the NFL, he started joining clubs.

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