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Worth a try but if its not your thing Pearl Lounge and Garage are not far away. Synergy was innovative at the time, as a touring rock dance club introducing live bands to clubbers, and house, techno and ambient DJs to rock fans. A great night for students with a very safe and fun feel and not as overfilled as TigerTiger or as wild as The Pearl Lounge. Advice is too see if a guest-DJ is playing and have a look at what they have done before as some are awesome, some are depressingly average. Glasgow's popular venues The Garage and Campus have opened up in Aberdeen.

Techno play aberdeen

There's even a pinball machine. Lovely atmosphere and really nice patio area that looks out onto Belmont St. Drinks are cheap during the week but can be very expensive on weekends. The capacity increased from 24 placements to 48 within the first 18 months. Drinks are decent, and they tend to have a DJ and photographer at the weekends. No one's complaining when the drinks are so cheap anyway! The Shamen were suddenly one crucial player short. Illicit Still Buy one get one free on a huge selection of meals with a student discount card available at the bar, or during fresher's week. Tuesday is widely considered the best night as other nights can be dead. Snafu Snafu Closed in Babylon is a swnaky place at the weekend however they do run a great student night. Nightclubs 42 Below 42 Below venue has been re-launched and under new management, 42 Below focuses on bringing the best in House, Techno and Electronica to the streets of Aberdeen. The Athenaeum Situated in the Castlegate, this boutique bar is part of the Snafu family. Open every day from 1pm, the food menu is very reasonably priced and it's laid back vibe makes it a great place to hang out in the afternoon too. Below this is a club area. Definitely a choice if you can't decide what to do with yourself on a Tuesday night. There's a lot more seating up there, and the bar is much quieter. Hosts 'Broke' on a Thursday night which is very popular with students for it's 70p 'Broke Bombs' - knock-off Jaegerbombs as well as a selection of 90p drinks. Colin Angus worked on a project called Pablo Sandoz, from to Named after the Russian word for 'cow', it does great discounts on shots and other drinks on student nights. Worth a try but if its not your thing Pearl Lounge and Garage are not far away. The premises are purpose built and are located in the heart of a local nature reserve in Bridge of Don Aberdeen. There is also a large outside seating area which is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon! Serves food and drinks in a very well done-up spooky atmosphere. So when Boss Drum went double platinum, they were obviously 'establishment' People tend to dress a lot better and the place looks upmarket. Drinks deals change all the time, so ask what you can get with your Yellow card as you might strike it lucky.

Techno play aberdeen

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At 4pm every Sunday the place is plunged into total darkness and they show a movie with a projector, followed by a jam session at 9pm.

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