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Try to find the Japanese double CD "The complete singles collection - ", that has all that you are looking for. His music was pop-metal perfection; brilliant little bursts of rock flash and psychedelic poetry, the ultimate ear candy for the sex-saturated s. So the band sensibly played it straight on this one, with a sampler of simple, gooey glam rock pleasures sprinkled liberally with the more florid, danceable elements of the burgeoning disco movement. After a murky year or two in the mids when Marc experimented with short hair, vodka and disco, he returned to the spotlight with a smashing comeback album and a punk- friendly television show in , but his resurgence was short-lived. Rex's music from Shares Marc Bolan did not invent glitter rock, but he most certainly perfected it.

T rex singles

Sad, the pinballing Hang Ups and the gloriously tacky Crimson Moon. Bolan sheds his hippy skin, reinvents himself as a golden god with a gleaming, screaming electric guitar, and writes his two biggest hits in one fell swoop. He had gone quite mad, and much of Futuristic Dragon makes that glaringly apparent. Here, then, is your definitive guide to getting it on and, if the mood hits, possibly even banging a gong. I also know some artists use tracks from older albums as b-sides but I'm not interested in those. To commemorate the occasion, here's a Classic Rock guide to T. And everybody loved him. But even touched, as it is, by tragedy, Dandy In The Underworld remains a fun, funky album, and the perfect coda to the remarkable story of T. I would still much rather listen to that ridiculous waste of money than this disco inferno of woefully undercooked glam trash. Whereas albums that came earlier or later in the T. I could construct that list myself, but I would really like to know the best way to obtain these singles and b-sides all of them. There seems to be a plentiful amount of them in that three year span! And then he died. The rest, as they say, is history. Are there any b-sides that haven't been released on cd? Rex were known for, including an infectious sleazefest called Mad Donna and the arena-rocking anthem Shock Rock. His music was pop-metal perfection; brilliant little bursts of rock flash and psychedelic poetry, the ultimate ear candy for the sex-saturated s. Despite his tragic end, Bolanmania has never truly abated. Marc Bolan was born on September 30, His music had become bloated and weird, full of superfluous orchestration and over-reaching genre- bending. Stylistically it was still in the same cross-legged cosmic folk vein of the early Tyrannosaurus Rex albums, but the songs here were layered with fuzzy acid- rock guitars and a rumbling electric bass. Rex songs many Americans have ever heard. So, I was wondering if I could be provided with a list of the singles and b-sides released between those two songs. Amazingly, it spawned two semi-hits: Looking to start with T. Rex the self titled and ending with Tanx.

T rex singles

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T REX HOT (original song)

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