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A massive Aussies were admitted to Emergency in the last two years after opening bottles of beer with their teeth. OECD figures have revealed Australia is the fourth worst country in the developed world for rewarding effort through the tax system, an Australian breadwinner in a single-earner, couple family with two children on average earnings keeps less than 39c of each extra dollar they earn, this is an effective marginal tax rate of One child a week gets run over by a car in a driveway, often by four wheel drives from which it is hard to see out the back. This could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for lifesaving clubs around this country that rescue people a year. This survey also found that Australians are keen on the great outdoors.

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A survey by a recruitment firm found that nearly half of Australia's employees reckon their boss hasn't a clue about what they actually do at work. Surprisingly one in four people going to yoga classes ended up with some sort of injury. However in november investigations into unbelievable speeds clocked by the cameras throughout Victoria led authorities to suspend camera speed checks and test all cameras for accuracy. Aussies have sex on average times a year or once every three days, according to the Durex Global Sex Survey. Even monarchists had no idea with only 1 per cent being able to quote his full name. So there is something to be said for taking a sickie on Monday! However, they only took 6 to 10 minutes on average to do it, well below the national average of minutes. March Internet access[ edit ] Like other mobile-provider Internet home pages, 3's portal is 'free to browse' for some content in most 3 countries including Ireland, UK and Australia in most price plans; the user pays a fixed price for each video, text or application downloaded. Australia ranks 94th in the world in average penis size, according to http: In eight Aussies cracked their skull whilst throwing up into the toilet. The best drivers of all were black-haired women with only 47 per cent stating they had ever been involved in an accident. The two stats above were found in different sources but they look a bit worrysome there together. The recommended clients for smartphones will use the phone's data connection which may be liable to charges, instead of the dedicated access number used by the client, which was free to call. Only 2 per cent of Australians can correctly recall the name of the nation's official head of state, Governor-General Michael Jeffery while 5 per cent have a vague idea of his surname. Wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, possums and dingoes were responsible for attacks on people. Footballers were the most likely to be injured and those aged between 18 and 24 were at greatest. About 32 billion cigarette butts are dropped in Australia each year. Encouraged by a flood of home renovation TV shows Australians also spend 3 billion a year on renovations. Six people had to be treated after encountering ducks and alpacas. Chickens injured another 92, and stingrays over 50 people. Of those who were interviewed, about 40 per cent were not offered jobs because of their drug test results! A worldwide survey in by condom manufacturer Durex of , people found 33 per cent of Australians have had unprotected sex in the past 12 months, compared with an international average of 41 per cent. In , the median age of death was Australians also found their politicians sexy, believe it or not but twenty-two per cent said they found Treasurer Peter Costello sexy but only 5 per cent found Prime Minister John Howard sexy! Researchers at La Trobe University in Melbourne found that Aussies who have been in a relationship for over a year do it only an average of 1.

Speed dating wollongong

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Most backpackers coming to Australia are aged in their mids and came from the U. Workplace injuries are 20 per cent more common on Mondays than Fridays, after Monday the chance of being injured goes down every day, with Friday being the safest day.

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