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The government is trying to tone down the prostitution scene a bit, and brothels were a big casualty. You know what that means: A lot of these girls go to the same places every night. This is also handy if your Spanish is not where it should be. From there, you can chat them up and try negotiating to see if she wants to leave with you.

Sosua girls

Anyway, long story short, the typical rules apply as with most other Latin-ish areas. This is not the city to find a Dominican girlfriend. And just like the brothels, the strip clubs have been shut down for the most part. The more Spanish you know the better, local currency is better to use, lock all your valuable shit up in your room, and make sure you agree to a price beforehand. You can stay at resorts, some nicer hotels, or even at an Airbnb, which is always a good idea. This is one of the most affordable places in the world to enjoy nice beaches during the day, and tons of beautiful women at night or day. Culture Although Sosua is more beach-oriented and smaller than Santo Domingo, it does have some of the same vibe and cultural aspects. No preparation is required. You can try chatting these girls and possibly get a cheaper rate before they get back to the clubs. Many will bed a client and then head back to the club for more work, especially on weekends. Where to Stay in Sosua, Dominican Republic? Not really a big deal though. Sosua girls want cash. You know what that means: Strip clubs in Sosua are basically brothels in their own way, as one would expect in this area. If you want to come to Sosua, just do it. Regardless of where you go, there will always be a ton of working girls hanging out, with the evening doubling the amount. If you want to know how to get laid in Sosua, the information above will help. If you want to learn Spanish for flirting and even negotiating, then Pickup Spanish can help you do just that. The hookers will day game you. Just sign up for Dominican Cupid and see what I mean. Day game in Sosua is non-existent. Seems like more due to tourism. As always, you should pay to play in Sosua. So pay to play or go somewhere else. Same as it is with the rest of the DR , with maybe more black girls than other cities. Here are some of the most popular bars and clubs with the most traffic all in Pedro Clisante:

Sosua girls

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Sosua & Boca Chica, dominican republic girls

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You should still be able to find some, and expect to pay about 2, DOP for a one hour sex session. Clasico is the best-known spot in town.

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