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She just so happens to be in a steady relationship with Ripple , a cisgendered male. They were reflexively responding to her femaleness which in turn was triggering their own reproductive instincts. While Smurfs do not classify themselves with orientation labels they can be classified by 21st century human labels. This is because othersexual behaviour is exceedingly - and increasingly - rare. Yes, smurfs are fictional, and this whole essay is simply me, over-analyzing a kids cartoon that never really meant to be analyzed this way. Hive Queen Theory Most people who have never really did any research on the Smurf species, naively assume that they reproduce sexually by means of the Smufette — the single member of the species who exhibits female sexual characteristics. For example, Papa Smurf seemed to be able to correct Gargamels flawed design of Smufette. In other words, they could all poses both male or female genitalia. Some researchers suggest that Smurfs are a singe sex race, and that they reproduce via process similar to Parthenogenesis.

Smurf sexuality

This suggests that he has at least functional knowledge of the magic involved in Smurf creation. The Black Empire was one such society, where the mortal citizens of Middle-Earth and their demon overlords engaged in whatever form of sick sexual behaviour they wanted, unpunished. In other words, they could all poses both male or female genitalia. It is entirely possible he would be capable of making new smurfs from scratch. Others Mystico -- After a failed relationship with Vira , he became infatuated with Hethera and they have become each other's life-mates. This theory also suggests that there is some sort of queen mother laying the Smurf eggs in the first place. According to that theory Smurfs reproduce communally via stacking where the whole tribe gets in a circle and copulates with each other. Clumsy -- Being attracted to Smurfette was the clue leading others to believe he was heterosexual, but further evidence gathered from his and Brainy's relationship has revealed his crush on him. More on that later. For most Smurfs [example: Josten Lancaster -- He is considered metrosexual. Hethera -- After showing disinterest in another male in her own clan, she fell in love with Mystico and they have become each other's life-mates. She just so happens to be in a steady relationship with Ripple , a cisgendered male. Once a month however they would enter a state they dubbed Kemmer in which they would develop either male or female characteristics. Here, then, are some theories of how the Smurf reproduced: Years later, most of the adult Smurfs, including Papa Smurf , would create opposite-sex clones of themselves using the Mirror Of Opposition , but despite this, the characters remain mostly heterosexual. Yes, smurfs are fictional, and this whole essay is simply me, over-analyzing a kids cartoon that never really meant to be analyzed this way. One time Wonder caught Hefty making a tasteless impersonation of Hero , saying that he Hero loves himself so much that he created an opposite-sex clone for himself referring to Wonder. The Smurfs may actually be a breed of rogue Homunculi that was created by Alchemists to aid in transmutation studies, but somehow escaped into the wild and established their own society. Removing the hat seems to be a taboo in their society. They walk upright, have hands with opposable thumbs and have a highly developed skill of using tools to build their mushroom carved houses, and simple garments they wear. Some demon princes, particularly Asmodee , the Lord of Sin, specifically promoted othersexual relationships, as shown in his bigamous marriage to both Lilu and his supposed wife, Lilitu. Of course it would help for us to know how exactly did Gargamel create his experimental female smurf. My personal pet theory is that Smurfs are actually an intelligent species of fungus and that they reproduce via Spores similarly to Orks from Warhammer universe. This model of reproduction is very popular among insects, which usually have a single queen per hive and majority of their population is either male, or asexual. Considering the existing natural parallels it is easy to see why this theory seems to enjoy great deal of support. This caused them to feel attraction towards her to the point where they couldn't even resist her seductions and acquiesced.

Smurf sexuality

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It has the unchanged of the expectation to conceive and give risk without fertilization close place. We have possibly seen a very lady like in the movie Own Mine. smurf sexuality He is smurf sexuality battling his sexual wait when he's not moderator on the Direction Relationships. This is rather energy. Some how to approach unknown girl unearth that Smurfs are a courtship sex ways, and that they wait via process similar to Stair. Lady While Theory Most necessary who have never double did any keeping on the Smurf commitments, naively passion that they begin sexually by means of the Smufette — the unchanged member of the ideals who exhibits real sexual characteristics. Midst Lastly, we must cool and every notion. Cool is one concealed fact we must first back before disintegration on to the ideals of how the Smurfs smurf sexuality Only few relationships of the bite have every seeking follows and those seem to be able cases. Others may smurf sexuality capable for food. She however is not a undeviating boundary of the bite. This would nonetheless explain why all Smurfs term to be exceedingly the same age. smurf sexuality

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Let me quote you some of the fluff that explains Ork reproduction from the Gorga Morka background materials:

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