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Alkimos Beach is the first WA project to achieve all six leaves of an EnviroDevelopment certification. All fixed route buses meet at the Transportation Hub. Retention of native trees, over two thirds of the trees on site, specifically to protect the Black Cockatoo population. This development is part of a broader project that will, over a 20 year period, cover hectares and house 15, people. Parkside Walk set a clear vision to create a sustainable, vibrant inner city community. Malvern Springs was conceived as a healthy place to live, work and play.

Shorehaven perth

Whilst we understand some property owners may prefer this information be kept confidential, we are licensed to display this information from various third parties. The site is heavily wooded with native bush land and its distinctive undulation reveals amazing views across Perth's hinterland opening up opportunities to build unique homes with framed construction. Avon Ridge promotes a holistic approach to sustainable bush land living with key water conservation initiatives including the provision of grey water recycling systems and rainwater tanks to be plumbed internally, as well as comprehensive water wise planting of local endemic species in public open space areas. Targets have been set for water efficiency across the development through the effective native landscaping of Public Open Spaces, waterwise front landscaping packages and rainwater tanks which will be plumbed internally into the dwellings to contribute towards reducing the overall dependence on potable water. In addition a community garden has been designed to be incorporated within the precinct where local residents can grow fruit and vegetables with lighting for the garden provided through a photovoltaic system. Route 1 goes through the center of the city, mostly following local streets. Potable water use will be significantly reduced with a greywater system installed for use on native, water wise gardens. All public spaces at Shorehaven have been designed to maximise water efficiency, with a range of drought resistant plants from Perth's coastal plain to be planted. A range of innovative water, energy and community initiatives have been incorporated, as well as sustainable landscaping that promotes biodiversity and habitat restoration. The use of environmentally responsible materials in the developer delivered product as well as civil and landscape works is commendable. Previously the Managing Director of Rapley Wilkinson, I have always maintained a "hands on" approach, having spent many years working on-site. The project has been developed with a strong vision of 'forward thinking', including encouraging healthy lifestyles and community cohesiveness, and using resources wisely. The historically contaminated site has become one of the largest urban brownfield remediation projects in Australia. There is a strong focus on creating a public open space network planted with native and waterwise species and integrating a water sensitive drainage design. The development will transform degraded land on the Canning River into a significant wetland environment and provide a permanent water source for the river and enable a feeding and breeding habitat for the Black Swan. Malvern Springs aims to deliver both environmental and social sustainability through the creation of a multi layered community. Extensive consultation with the Aboriginal and wider community has contributed to the development of the Trail and also helped shape plans for the new community. Rockingham Industrial Zone RIZ is a LandCorp project comprising 1, hectares of industrial land which allows for heavy industry and provides direct access to sea transport. It comprises three distinct villages with a diverse range of lots sizes. Additionally, homebuyers will receive a "sustainability package", including a 2,litre rainwater tank, a landscaping package with drought-tolerant plant options and low-water irrigation system, as well as a compost bin to encourage sustainable living. In fact they said to me it was one of the most efficient building programs they have supervised. The Ecosystems and Community certification covers the whole development, and the mixed use commercial and residential areas are additionally certified in Energy and Water. Jane Brook incorporates urban lots and 64 rural lifestyle lots. Cornish shall be hierd for that service and the townsmen are to hier him upon as reasonable terms as they can. Delightful little playground with fully fenced toddler area and little adventurers can search for a t-rex dinosaur skeleton in the sand Whale Playground Scarborough Play beachside at the big whale themed playground at Scarborough Beach Braithwaite Park Mt Hawthorn Beautifully shaded fully fenced playground. There are 4 baseball fields and 16 Little League fields in the city.

Shorehaven perth

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The project adjoins the John Forrest National Park and is set in a bushland landscape, enjoying uninterrupted views over the Perth metropolitan area.

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