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The film clip and the introductory lecture will introduce them to Elizabethan theater and to the London of Shakespeare's time. This film is available from Barnesandnoble. They will have a full "sensory surround" concept of Shakespearian London and contemporaneous events. What about showing the whole movie? Some scholars claim that Shakespeare was a pen name for the Earl of Essex, who could not write under his own name because writing plays was considered beneath the dignity of the nobility. After the snippet has been shown, an allusion to this fact will repeat and confirm the point about social mobility in the Renaissance made in the Introductory Lecture.

Shakespeare in love lesson plan

While much about the setting appears to be correct and many of the characters represent people who actually lived and knew Shakespeare, the events of the film are purely fictional. Outbreaks of the Plague resulted in the closing of the theaters for extended periods. In Elizabethan England, there was a great threat from the Plague which resulted in the closing of the play houses to try to keep the disease from spreading. Review the Lesson Plan and decide how to present it to the class, making any necessary modifications. There are great models and images of The Rose on the Internet. Elizabeth, released a few years later, gives history and Shakespeare buffs a closer look into the Queen for whom Shakespeare wrote to entertain. Team 1 gets first crack at question 1. Films for Genre Studies written by: Students will be well-primed to tackle the text after this delightful prologue. There was a period of two or perhaps three years during the early s when Shakespeare made the extraordinary artistic leap from writing plays like the flawed and bloody Titus Andronicus to creating his romantic masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, probably first performed in or If they can't answer, Team 2 gets a chance. This lesson plan is a great way to get kids excited about English. Obtain all required permissions from your school administration and from parents before showing this snippet. Collect each individual worksheet for credit. One of his famous tragic heroes was a dark-skinned Moor who was able to transcend his race and origins to become a high ranking general in the Venetian military and to marry a white woman, the beautiful Desdemona. Additionally, the vibrant, take-charge persona of Allyne, who disciplines and ultimately converts the arrogant financial producer of the play, provides an opportunity for teachers to introduce students to a concept which emerged out of the New World view of the Renaissance: At the time, Christopher Marlowe was considered to be the greatest playwright of his day but Marlowe's life was cut short in a bar fight in After all, look at the regal woman he had to entertain. Read over the questions with the class and tell students they can jot down notes on the answers while watching the movie. The attractive young couple is already in love, and the ensuing 10 minutes of tasteful but very naked lovemaking are interwoven with more rehearsal scenes. Romeo and Juliet Ages: Actors were considered to be low-life characters with little social standing. Two films in particular are essential viewing for any lover of Shakespeare, or any student learning more about Shakespeare and about life in Elizabethan England. Characters representing Ned Alleyn and William Kempe, both actors who appeared in Shakespeare's plays, also appear in the movie. The class will now be primed to begin their study of Romeo and Julilet. Women were not allowed to appear on stage and their roles were played by boys or men with high-pitched voices and androgenous looks.

Shakespeare in love lesson plan

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Shakespeare for Life: Romeo & Juliet

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When students feel that they know an author as a person, they will be more interested in reading what he or she has written. Although the idea that his own star crossed love inspired Romeo and Juliet is the stuff of Hollywood dreams, the depiction of life in England at that time, especially what it was like to work for the stage in England is all very real.

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