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During a stopover on this trip, Barry is kidnapped and held by guerrillas in a village in the jungle. Actor Gary Holton died before some of the final indoor scenes were filmed, and the scripts had to be reworked to explain Wayne's absence from these indoor scenes. There were viewer complaints about the editing, and after a few weeks Thames and TVS both opted out of the run and instead showed the original uncut episodes at In January , Yesterday bought the fourth series but, again due to timing, these were also edited from 60 to 45 minutes, meaning several parts of the storyline been cut. In early drafts of the scripts, the character was called Malcolm Harbottle. In the last episode of the series, titled When The Boat Goes Out, the hut on the site where the gang live, accidentally catches fire and burns down.

Scouse lads

Oz is pleased to discover Rod is a professional singer, but is shocked to learn he is a drag artist and is homosexual. An eastern European gangmaster who supplies illegal labour for the bridge demolition. She was also close to Brenda and Neville Hope. The characters now work as building subcontractors for the British Embassy after a building job in Moscow goes badly wrong and are given a tip off from a friend of Oz who tells them about specialised embassy work. Executive producer Allan McKeown fell out with Jimmy Nail during filming, as he felt his ego was out of control at this time and would often ask for his lines to be changed. Bill Nighy as Jeffrey Grainger Series 3: Middlesbrough Council also issued a press release stating that the bridge remained in situ. In , the first series was ranked 46 on the Greatest British Television Programmes, in a list compiled by the British Film Institute. Although he appears to be hard man, he has been beaten by both Bomber and Oz, with Bomber breaking his nose and hand and Oz stunning him. Read More He wrote: They opted for retro Adidas trainers, with Wade Smith selling more than , pairs when it first open back in He had a xenophobic attitude to Germans , and later to Turks and Spaniards. Despite their opinions on the series, the ratings remained high throughout, and the episode titled, Marjorie Doesn't Live Here Anymore, which Clement and La Frenais described as their favourite in the second series because it was "drab and grey looking", and "added some meat to Oz's character", was not only the most watched episode of the show's run but drew in the highest audience percentage out of all the channels on the night of its screening, with sixteen million viewers. Girlfriend of Dennis Series 2. It is often assumed, although never explicitly stated, that this was Christine. Julia Tobin as Brenda Elizabeth Hope: In January , it was repeated on Yesterday again. The team are posted to Havana to completely refurbish the British ambassador's new residence. Albert Arthur Moxey Moxey Christopher Fairbank is the only character not introduced in the first episode. Fraser is a businessman in the Newcastle area, with businesses including a sauna, casino and a nightclub. But, by , The Beatles phenomenon had ended, Abba were topping the charts and flares started being worn by almost everyone. He is a DJ but then decides to join the gang to try to make some money on the bridge job and find out more about his father he never knew. The lads fly to his reservation to reconstruct the bridge. Fraser then invites the boys to Spain to refurbish his swimming pool at his Spanish villa. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Scouse lads

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But, by , The Beatles phenomenon had ended, Abba were topping the charts and flares started being worn by almost everyone. He was often irritated by the lads, especially Oz and Wayne.

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