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Megan's team goes second with Rodeo as emcee. Rodeo confronts Megan and Lacey about it back at the house, while Megan and Lacey retort saying that Rodeo told them to take the bracelet. Melissa Meister asks Megan what message she is sending by wearing a bikini in public. She begins to cry. The next day, the girls must split into two teams of six for their next challenge. Jones has her sit out. Becoming upset, Dallas states she dislikes being touched in inappropriate places and pours her drink on Lacey. Afterward, Sharon calls Megan into the office and asks her if she tried to cheat.

Rock of love charm school full episodes

Next, the girls hold auditions for fifteen musicians. Back at the house, Brandi M. Heather proceeds to defend Brandi M. The contestant won the challenge and was safe from expulsion. Megan orders Brandi M. She seeks help from Dallas, who barely helps her. Destiney cries because she can't handle the pressure. On the second team there is lack of communication, Brandi C. Angelique quickly becomes confused and can barely help her team. The girls start out strong but then they drop a bag. Heather, Inna, Brandi M. The girls are interrupted by the drill sergeant from the first season of Charm School, Sgt. Sharon says that from the beginning she said she would not tolerate violence, and that what happened was completely unacceptable. She eliminates Rodeo, saying that being in the house is doing more harm than good to her, and feels that Rodeo does not need Charm School as much as the other girls do. Jones, who tells them their first challenge will focus on teamwork. The girls then receive a note asking them to dress in their favorite outfits. At elimination, Sharon announces that Brandi C. The girls rush into the house to find their rooms. Dallas and most of the other girls are upset and feel that Megan staying is unfair because she lied and tried to cheat. Megan says "Um, sporty? Sharon is very disappointed with Brandi M. When they arrive back at the mansion, Rodeo reports to Sharon's office to speak to her about the bracelet incident. Lacey sees an opportunity to push Dallas by throwing the sandbags forcefully so Dallas misses most of them, and then Sgt. At this point, the tension lightens as the contestants assume that Raven's departure is the only elimination for the episode. Heather also states that she was satisfied with the new look. Heather reads a note from Sharon notifying them of their first challenge and that they will have to wear their uniforms. The contestant returned to "help their enemy" in the penultimate challenge.

Rock of love charm school full episodes

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The altercation ends when Megan kicks Brandi M. Destiney cries because she can't handle the pressure.

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