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He did, however, start to see the value in the kids' presence when Raf helped him in his continuing struggle to master the inferior human computer systems the Autobot base ran on. He commented that a Velocitronian's only limit to racing a million times was how often they could be put back together. When Optimus, Bumblebee and Ratchet arrived at the ship, they found the crew were unconscious. Triage After Bumblebee was captured at Tyger Pax , Ratchet was the field medic who put him back together, but was unable to repair his voice box. Crossfire When Fowler was attacked by a truck that resembled Optimus, Ratchet tracked Optimus's signal to confirm the offender wasn't their leader. He escaped what was left of Junkion with the rest of the Autobots on the Ark.

Ratchet boy names

After getting bad tendinitis in my right hand and forearm bad , I had to give it up. Deadlock Ratchet was called to Cybertron to tend to Ultra Magnus, after the Wrecker was wrecked by some new Predacons. After another altercation, Ratchet discovered that Bumblebee's T-cog was missing. The Autobots and Decepticons escaped during the trial and met up with their comrades aboard the Ark and Nemesis to fend off the Sharkticon hordes and ultimately escape the planet. When he woke up, it was to find that the operation had been aborted, and Bumblebee had gone after MECH. A final tremor that Ratchet shielded the kids from heralded Autobot victory within the planet, but when Ratchet GroundBridged the others back, they reported that Optimus had lost his memories and left with Megatron. In his youth, Ratchet left his primitive village behind, and embarked on a pilgrimage to the newly-founded city of Iacon. Except that one time After Bulkhead apologized to Ratchet for smashing up the room, Ratchet suggested he and Raf design a new Safe. Indeed, Bulkhead began tearing his way merrily through it, only to uncover something Ratchet hadn't found—a nuclear missile which promptly activated. Check out my giant shoulder pads!!! He reattached her arm after Starscream had blown it off. All the President's 'Bots! I would not say the machine is without its flaws but it seems to be a solid machine at the price point , and the suspension is very nice , I have not used a ferris but I have used many other mowers and the ride is good , only time in 's of hours will truly tell all about the over all build and design of the machine but I will continue to update post if I have any comments or issues. Ratchet refused to allow Raf to be taken to a hospital, as human doctors wouldn't have any experience with Energon contamination, but it became apparent that this wasn't what was ailing Raf. Although Ratchet monitored the doctor's treatment, he failed to recognize the deep scans their hosts were performing on the Prime and his Matrix. The Autobot took control of the warship and used the Omega Lock to restore Cybertron, however Ratchet opted to remain on Earth to help the humans. After Optimus Prime opined that Smokescreen needed a human to teach him local customs and rules, Ratchet grumbled in disgust at the idea of yet another human being included in their ranks, to the uncomfortable silence of the other Autobots. When he went too far in interrogating a Decepticon Miner under the auspices of being more "proactive", Optimus was forced to confine him to base. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Ratchet correctly assumed that Wreck-Gar thought Optimus was making up the stuff about the Matrix and the AllSpark so that he'd feel bad and help them. Hard Knocks With Smokescreen a prisoner on the Decepticon warship, Ratchet was unable to track him, but once he freed himself, Ratchet provided a GroundBridge back to base. In the lower levels of Outpost Omega One, Ratchet constructed a training room he dubbed the Safe , though the inferior Earth materials he was forced to use meant it wasn't as good as it could be. Flying Mind "Hey Wheeljack, do you think it looks weird when I cross my legs? Ratchet and the other Autobots returned to base to GroundBridge to his location, but they were too late: He and Bumblebee fought in a few battles together, during which he taught the younger Autobot how to apply first aid. One Shall Rise, Part 2 Remaining behind in the base with the kids and unable to contact the Autobots in the planet's depths, Ratchet passed the time telling the humans about the old days when Optimus was known as Orion Pax, and was shocked to discover that Optimus had entrusted Jack with the Key to Vector Sigma before departing.

Ratchet boy names

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The trio were shortly after joined by most of the other surviving Autobots, accompanied by the newly arrived Ultra Magnus.

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