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It's a night you WON'T want to miss. Show your love by giving the perfect Harley-Davidson gift. For more info call Just a little over an hour from Buffalo, NY. Where do I start? Support an organization that supports motorcyclist rights! It was in November and it was Friday the 13th. See what years of forward progress looks like!

Quaker steak & lube bike night

This is a monthly event held on the second Tuesday of the month. Turn left at the intersection heading south until you reach Highway 6. You do not have to ride or be a member. Call for table availability! Last bike in 3: Rides run from pm Saturday and Sunday. See what years of forward progress looks like! In memory and celebration of Kevin Reid's birthday, we will have cake as well. Our locations are in West Seneca, Jamestown and Sanborn and we are hiring for all locations! Led each morning by a parade of prestigious military color guard, enthusiasts spend hours, and in some instances days, soaking in the horsepower of the largest indoor showcase of custom cars, trucks, antique construction equipment, motorcycles, tractors, planes, military equipment and more of its kind in the world! Choppers, bobbers, old-school, customs, hot rods, late model, race, tuners, and much, much, more! For more info go to Cyberspokes. Huge basket raffle, including an early bird raffle at 3 PM! Riders from Buffalo and WNY will meet at a place to be announced. Right down the street from New Era Field! Your bikes been sitting all winter and the carb probably needs a good cleaning. Phone Brian Kloiber If you're interested in being a vendor: See and hear what upgraded audio can do for your ride. We are the place to be inside buying or outside socializing. Food, drink, vendors, contest, raffles and more! This event helps raise funds to for us to fight for the rights of ALL bikers and their rides! Blueooth Wireless Technology Wireless interface permits full access to the Infotainment features without the hassle of being connected to the bike. Help raise awareness of motorcycles on our roads again. Everything from top of the line touring motorcycles built to cross continents to stripped-down, raw machines built to carve up urban canyons. Food, beer and fun! Come have some Saint Patty's Day fun with us.

Quaker steak & lube bike night

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Quaker Steak And Lube Bike Night Clearwater FL

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Come out and meet our dealers, ride the new models, swap stories with local riders and just have a good time!

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