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These are all warning signs of a dysfunctional relationship. But using this type of behavior every now and then or for a longer period of time may create a gap in your relationship. When you are given the silent treatment, you are either unaware of what you are supposed to have done or the matter is so trivial, that you are left feeling dumbfounded by the consequences. He is now giving me the silent treatment, which is so typical of him. And the fact is, it works most of the time as it affects the psychological condition of the other person. Unlike others who may withdraw because they feel hurt, are sulking, or simply wish to avoid conflict, the narcissist uses stonewalling in order to keep you in your place. Researches show that women try hard to win back the attention, whereas men do not show any reactions after a certain period of time. This is why it is important to recognise the signs of emotional abuse and be prepared to extricate yourself as soon as possible.

Psychological effects of the silent treatment

Hence, many a time, questions like is the silent treatment a form of abuse , arise which to some extent, is true. If you see any warning signs that your partner has any narcissistic tendencies, then you should do yourself a favour and get out as soon as possible. Do not wait for the person to break his silence. You are the victim of emotional abuse and it is clearly affecting your mental health. In dysfunctional relationships, your partner exiles you over the most frivolous of matters. Who gives a week of silent treatment after a big or petty fight? The more you reach out to him, the more self-righteous he becomes. And the fact is, it works most of the time as it affects the psychological condition of the other person. However, you both need to establish boundaries. He knows that by ignoring you, he is devaluing your very existence and making you feel insignificant. But, the mantra to get success is to use it as your last weapon. As with most types of relationship abuse, the silent treatment usually begins rather innocuously. Even when you do remember, the fallout is disproportionate to the alleged offence. This can make them frustrated, angry and even violent. You first need to ask yourself why your partner is acting in this way. You can explain to them about the mistake they have done. I calmly told my husband I am upset because he called me a "bitch" in public and hadn't apologized. The Silent Treatment is Emotional Abuse The silent treatment is your partner's way of telling you that you have done something wrong. You invariably find yourself adopting the role of peacemaker. In addition to causing distress, being ignored and excluded causes distress and threatens your basic psychological needs of belonging, self-esteem, control and meaningful existence. Using such type of behavior will do more harm to your child than any other punishment especially when they don't know what the mistake is. Just don't waste your time trying to elicit a response from him. Many people say that they use this behavior just to calm themselves when they are angry. Keep your egos aside. As a consequence of this, he refuses to acknowledge or communicate with you. Domestic violence and emotional abuse are frequently experienced together.

Psychological effects of the silent treatment

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What you are really doing when you give the silent treatment.

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