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Your privacy is very important to us. The most interesting guys and gals are here, come and meet them! If you do please contact us to office moovz. Created by Liav Eliash, Moovz allows users to chat with gay guys next door or across the ocean—all through the rather uncanny medium of Sims-like avatars. Then, go deeper and connect with the users you like on an individual level. Upload all your media, from simple text and question posts to photos and videos, and see how other lesbians, gays and queer people from around the world interact.

Moovz app review

Moovz one-to-one and group chats and extensive features allow for an innovative conversation experience. But an introductory instructional video hints that your room is where the wild stuff happens. LGBT individuals with like-minds are enabled to connect, share, and feel the heartbeat of the community as one. The LGBT social network. Moovz is totally free! Moovz is a pioneering social network for gay, lesbian, bi and trans individuals designed to unite local and global; people and influencers; you and the community. Main Functions - Unique Live Feed: Thank you for leaving us your comments. We checked again your issue and we keep trying to reproduce it but we feel this is an isolated case related to the type of device you use. We have certainly identified some shyness from our users to talk to others. Moovz is integrated with top online lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender portals, blogs, influencers and individuals to make this LGBT app the hub for all your needs. After signing up, I found my avatar plunked down on a digital plaza with a few other men. Moovz screenshot Advertisement Because we at Outward pride ourselves on fearless investigative journalism, I decided to give Moovz a try. As the heart of the worldwide community, Moovz content can come from any part of the world, with thriving communities in all continents of the world. Moovz is a world based on real content, real people and real connections, that recognises what you like and brings you more of it. It was such a back handed comment, that it turned me off even more. Like pen pals, but sexier. Discover people and events, make connections, share your life and let others share theirs with you! You can chat with men in the lobby, hug them, or even kiss them. I have yet to make much leeway in getting followers, following or posting but so far it seems like a nice little app to make more gay friends if your crowd is predominantly straight and to learn more about the experiences of other people in our community. Your exact location is never shared unless you choose to do so and your personal information is kept private. Moovz monitors content manually 24 hours a day days of the year to make sure the secure place that we created stays secure for you. Genderproud, coming out, kiss off HIV, and it gets better are all suggested categories. A special grid discovery gives you a great overview of the content that Moovz brings to you, using a unique learning mechanism that tailors the content especially for you. Would you like to see my etchings? Millions of LGBT people connect, interact and share content daily.

Moovz app review

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