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Assertive Choleric The most ambitious of all the temperaments, cholerics are competitive, goal-oriented, motivational, and often climbing into positions of leadership. Temperament classifications are many. Overview of the Melancholic Personality Type The Melancholic personality type of person is considered to be introverted, analytical, logical and private. When he got estranged with his first wife, he wrote certain conditions about living together and even did so for the second time to ensure she understood these conditions, a trait of a person with a melancholic temperament. Remember Hannah, mentioned at the beginning?

Melancholy personality careers

Any vocation that requires perfection , self-sacrifice and creativity is open to melancholics. Despite her elegance and fame, she would rather go home and cook for her then husband Mel Ferrer. Who could have thought, huh? In the area of helping people, Sanguines excel as hospital workers. Phlegmatics are definitely not risk takers. To avoid fatigues, stresses, or even depressions at work, people of this psychological type choose careers which: I have a friend and I can tell you, the moment she opens her mouth I start bubbling up on the inside and she always leaves me with pain in my cheeks from laughing. As already mentioned above, four basic temperament types consist of sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, and melancholic where the first two belong to extroverts while the last two are considered introverts. And unlike the unsympathetic choleric, the Melancholic Personality Type can be moved to tears because of compassion for another. She, also, has been reported to suffer from nervousness when she was younger and had bouts of depression in her adulthood. You have superb interpersonal skills and positive attitude to get on well with peers and clients. They usually make excellent salespeople. Phlegmatic There nervous system is inert, strong, balanced, and sedentary. You are persuasive and attractive. This person can also be fond of asking questions over and over again because of the fear of making the wrong decisions. Marie Curie The only woman to receive two Nobel Prize awards, Marie Curie is the most famous woman scientist to have ever lived. You are self-confident, taking no offense at critical remarks. Jung With that said, most of us appear to be ambiverts combining the features or both psychological types. He was a loner as a child and did not speak a word until he turned three years old. Galen named them sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic after the bodily humors such as blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm. You have strong analytical skills and intuition. I have always told she should have been a comedian. In the building trades, the melancholy may want to supervise construction. It reflects decisions and behavior, so knowing your abilities and characteristics could help to benefit from them. Take short breaks during a day to calm down your temper. Associates may find themselves even more productive by following the leadership of a choleric.

Melancholy personality careers

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Personalities- Melancholic + Phlegmatic (Part 3 of 5)

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Looking for physiological reasons of human behaviors, he considered the ideal personality as one with all four characteristics balanced.

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