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I needed to get out of here. A coolness rushed past me, as we exchanged places. I took deep breaths, and felt a tightness around my chest; a heavy chest—much bigger than I was used to. Half way down the stairs I stopped at my old body, I knew Carl was inside. For more information, to donate or attend, call See who links to the SGN. It seemed to have worked, I felt a lot better. Through them, he was contacted by Jim Fodder, president of the Northwest Bears, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May at 48 years old. I relinquished getting up and pulling on a grubby training vest, shorts, socks and trainers. I sat on the John, and closed my eyes.


I yelled out at the bricks in my dreams started to tumble, burying me alive. Carl was long gone, and I was here to stay. I turned to see my old body leaning casually against the door. It did little to help, my pads below were just as tight. He asks that people get the word out and contact Gilda's Club if there's anything they can do to help. The team had won the semi-finals last week, and I took the opportunity to swap into him during the post game celebrations. I stepped into his flip-flops and quietly left the room. I got the real Carl to lay next to him, and told him to relax. He scrambled to his feet and left. The meeting - the first of its kind in Seattle - drew eight people on short notice. I just blinked and looked at him. Fotter hopes to land a grant to offset administrative costs and bring a facilitator into the group. The last year where he discovered a love for football, memories of training, coaching, pain—lots of pain—structure and focus came to his life, the determination of never losing. I found a spot on the stairs, among others that had too much to drink and rested my head against the wall. In the mirror Carl Mason looked back; his hazel eyes, focused. Desiring comfort more than being comfortable, he sought out a traditional prostate cancer support group. The odour that clouded my sense of smell was thick with testosterone, I started to get hard again but pushed down the thought. I really didn't voice my concerns in that group because I just felt so out-of-place. I slowly sat up, and my mind reeled—Carl had been drinking. He reached into the duffle bag and pulled out my mobile. I yanked open the door and stepped out, just in time to meet Rachel stumbling out of the bedroom. I was a little shocked—payment for setting up Rachel? I started to pick my way through the groups of people on the stairs talking to them as I went. Blinking in the light, I crossed the corridor and into the bathroom, locking the door. His heavy chest clearly visible through the polo shirt, I reached around with his large hands feeling every aspect of my new body.


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I was a little shocked—payment for setting up Rachel? My eyes were getting used to the darkness, I could see a chink of light from under a door.

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