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Their commitment is likely to be great and solid. As a Libra woman, you may have a similar quality. The Libra male likes to pamper his significant other by cooking for her, keeping the home clean, and waiting on her, but he will eventually expect you to return the favor. One of you has to be willing to test your theories in action. This union is named one of the most peaceful, but if one of the Libras has high negative tendencies on pressuring the other, on desiring to dominate, then to establish peace, they must ensure that they are not aggravated by the same behavior of the other person. Solicit help from other friends and family, rather than asking your male Libra. Libras are known for freely spending their hard earned money equally on others and themselves. Sex between two Libras is a carefully orchestrated dance like the Viennese waltz. Two Libras can work very well together toward any project they set their mind to.

Libra man and libra woman compatibility 2016

If your Libra man has not learned the fine art of money management, you will have to take the reins. But at the same time, the Libra woman will help her Libra man get an education and become a high-class lawyer, doctor, police officer, musician, artist, actor If not, it will degenerate into a cold shoulder detante. Librans are famous for after-thoughts. Libra woman will not nag her husband for his indecision and doubt - because she herself is delightfully timid. Others may find them calculating, but motives count for a lot. Libras are very sensitive to generally accepted norms, and hate lies. The Libra male tends to be very generous with his money, spending freely on his mate, his family, and his close friends. In a family, Libra woman is usually an excellent wife, mother, and housekeeper, she makes the house cozy and clean, maintains order and strictly controlling order from other family members. Both value good judgment, fairness and harmony and cultivate in themselves the qualities of a good friend. There may be a lot of leadership between the two of them, but not always the motivation to put it into action. They spoil themselves and one another — sometimes to a fault. Oddly enough, passion may erupt unexpectedly between these two cool cucumbers. Each Libra is trying to force the other one to make a move so it can be assessed and then responded to in anticipation of the next move. Even if the Libra Man Libra Woman try to settle their flaws in the beginning of the relationship, it will take several hours before either one of them comes to a final decision. This will alleviate your mate being caught off guard later on in the relationship when he finds out you are lacking qualities that he wants in a woman. Another thing the Libra man and Libra woman soulmates will have to decide is who is going to be keeping care of the house. Libras cordially welcome guests in their house and friends love to visit their beautiful and comfortable home. Libras are very fond of art, they will spend a long time in museums, concerts, exhibitions, debating later about their experiences. With that said, the Libra man and Libra woman are the lovers of the zodiac and could make a beautiful romance as long as you are willing to acknowledge your similarities and compromise on a few things. You are both able to be exceptionally fair and detached in your judgment so that you may actually be able to arrive at a logical solution. This is one relationship where it might be said that it will take as long to get out of it as it took to get into it. Everything signifies something and yet means nothing. The Libra male can be very indecisive, and he will feel more secure and confident in his decisions if he has a teammate to help him make decisions. Before the relationship has time to make a solid foundation, both of them will become very bored even though they will enjoy spending time with each other.

Libra man and libra woman compatibility 2016

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It is best to acknowledge this and figure out ways to work around it. Those are pleasures that prove hard to resist; both enjoy reclining and munching on a stem of grapes like the Greek goddess herself!

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