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It was a wonderful day. But I thought the aspiration of sexuality and desire… in the middle of repression for the first powerful minutes of the film, you get into this moment where the women are alone in the hotel room and I think the scene is very beautiful and emotional. How do you maintain a connection to what you come from or what you want to be? As actresses we had to fill it with emotion like a musician would fill a note. But this scene felt so integral to the plot and moving the story forward.

Lesbians spitting in mouths

He made it clear everything he wanted: The ending, like any good one, is open to interpretation without being wishy-washy. I, personally, have a problem with that, but I have empathy for people who are religious. That small, quiet movement from McAdams conveys so much with so little, and Disobedience truly thrives in its restraint, striking a stunning balance between being explicit about its queer love story but also nuanced and subtle in its complex emotional storytelling. We settled on lychee-flavored! As actresses we had to fill it with emotion like a musician would fill a note. Waiting proved difficult, so I bought the novel by Naomi Alderman upon which the movie is based and devoured it while on vacation in Greece. We had a whole day to shoot it. Ronit got out, went to New York and redefined herself and her life. As beautiful as the film is as a whole, the big sex scene is so arresting and absolutely gorgeous. Naomi Alderman, who wrote the novel, she grew up in this community. We both felt safe and free…. Why was it essential for you to tell a story about the repression of identity at this time? At first, her reunion with Esti is taut and anxious, made melancholy by words left unsaid. Humanity goes in weird phases. It comes down to a lack of exposure or understanding. The sex scene is a massively important and beautiful scene. This gorgeous movie featuring two famous Rachels and lesbian spitplay will probably make you cry. After sex, Esti confesses that she used to imagine Ronit in New York, that she kept track of the time difference between them. This, too, they have done before. In became another day at work, in that way. But we have to keep knocking on the door all the time to remind ourselves that we can be better and be compassionate. The famous Rachels in question — Weisz and McAdams — deliver bruising, dynamic performances as Ronit and Esti respectively, two former friends and lovers from the same tiny bubble of a Jewish orthodox community in the London suburbs. How do you maintain a connection to what you come from or what you want to be? Just their first kiss on-screen, their first kiss as adults.

Lesbians spitting in mouths

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Lesbians kissing

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The spitting feels almost like a spiritual ritual. It comes down to a lack of exposure or understanding.

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