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How does a prospective member join your club? Not everybody has the same interests or goals. Hard Rock at Ocala is a popular spot. We have fun and we enjoy being around each other, and that speaks for itself. Tell us about your rig. They just had one for prom. It definitely is a lifestyle.

Lakeland mudhole

Jeeping is a great way to bond with your kids. Hard Rock at Ocala is a popular spot. The Jeep Ranch in Sumterville tries to do one event a month. The club currently counts 35 bannered members and growing in and around Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee and Hernando Counties. Not everybody has the same interests or goals. What are you working with? They just had one for prom. CFOR welcomes riders of every experience level and requires participation in events and group trail rides to earn a banner. They do great things in this community. Sounds like you are growing fast. Tell us about your rig. What charitable effort have you been most proud of? My youngest still rides with me. I own a Jeep Wrangler LJ. It had been a little customized when I bought it, but it looked nothing like it does today. John, how long have you been off-roading? Everyone went and bought a bunch of old prom dresses and tuxedo T-shirts. It was pretty cool. I think that says something about your group and the character of your group. Most people get to see us out on the trails. What charities do you support? We were originally in a different club, Trail Monkeys, and I was actually the vice president. The trails are never the same. My Jeep is a Cherokee with a 6. I have an year-old son and a year-old son. We always try to give back and help the community, and that means being involved in as many charities as we can.

Lakeland mudhole

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Lakeland Mud Hole

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We are very family-friendly and family-oriented. What charities do you support?

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