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These things are especially challenging for newcomers, particularly when language barriers are added. Even those people who have spoken English as a first language, can often struggle to have their accent understood, and vice versa. Ask for feedback from unsuccessful job applications, and get help with your resume and applications. Grief Often the hardest thing for new migrants to cope with is the loss of family and friends. The Big Move One of the first stressful steps in the experience is packing and selling up. Children are particularly vulnerable in this regard. When people are deciding to immigrate to country with a high GDP, they are often swayed by rumours of the salaries of even the lowest paid workers.


Learn the language as quickly as possible and, scary as it might seem, get out and practise it with the locals. Children are particularly vulnerable in this regard. The stress of the move and adjustment to the new country, as well as the loss of so much from the old, can lead to anxiety and depression and other psychological problems amongst migrants. In some it mixes with spiritual beliefs and believed to be a sign of evil in the sufferer. The first port of call might be the immigration service, the council, a hospital, or a doctor. This increases the chance of them having a mental health problem. Mental Health professionals are uncommon in many cultures, so immigrants from those communities are unlikely to seek help. Try not to focus on what you miss; rather think about the new things you are able to experience. More and more ordinary people from all cultures are benefiting from confidential psychology and counselling services, realising that quality treatment and support can add greatly to their psychological well-being and quality of life, as well as that of their families. Although living with experienced settlers in many ways helps migrants adjust to a new country, sharing small spaces, living out of suitcases, and feeling as if they are imposing on others, can add to stress and affect self esteem. Income Along with the loss of prestige can come a loss of income in real terms. Immigrants might not have easy access to an appropriate place of worship. In families, it is often those who were the least enthusiastic about the move that feel the most pain, and the sense of powerless over their life can exacerbate their grief. Everyday things that we need to know, such as mobile phone contracts, road rules, tax laws, electricity connections, bank accounts, public transport routes, and rubbish recycling procedures, can baffle even long term locals. Collegiality Catholic Church In the Roman Catholic Church, collegiality refers primarily to "the Pope governing the Church in collaboration with the bishops of the local Churches, respecting their proper autonomy. Language Language barriers frequently add to the difficulties of new migrants. They might have to go to work during important holy days and festivals. This can cause an empty longing that is hard to relieve and that can lead to depression. But people sometimes fail to realise that the cost of living could be disproportionately high, so they might find themselves struggling to feed, clothe and house their families. The Big Move One of the first stressful steps in the experience is packing and selling up. Try to relax and enjoy each moment doing simple things. They might find that the things they did in their homeland, such as circumcising children, growing tobacco or cannabis, slaughtering a sheep in the garden, drinking alcohol, or having more than one wife, are taboo or illegal in the new country, and this creates confusion and mental stress. Examples of Roman collegiality include the two consuls and censors ; six praetors ; eight quaestors ; four aediles ; ten tribunes and decemviri , etc. Reasons were to divide power and responsibilities among several people, both to prevent the rise of another king and to ensure more productive magistrates. Deciding what to take, send, sell, give away, or throw out can be a slow and painful task. Ask for feedback from unsuccessful job applications, and get help with your resume and applications.


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Qualifications are too often not transferable, so people with high level qualifications and years of experience at management and professional levels, can find themselves being forced to clean toilets or drive taxis to feed their families.

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