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I worked fairly often with hearing impaired individuals. Yes, INTJs are very private people, but more about the feelings thingie. If authority tells them that they are on the wrong track or that they should back off, and the INTJ feels that 'the boss' is not right, the INTJ will simply ignore authority and go right on doing what they are doing. Other names for INTJs are strategists and system-builders. I read now that the jumping allover and not taking in the world in a sequence is very much an INFP thing that is, the extroverted intuition. However, conditions were perfect this weekend- plenty of low-pitched male speakers. They also retain new information with ease. This means that information is extremely well organized.

Intj authors

Other women take this as a sign of unlikability because, generally, the only reason a woman won't speak to another woman is because they are disliked. Thanks for sharing your unique story, Hilary. For many men who expect to take the leadership position, especially where religion is concerned, this is a huge stumbling stone. I'd rather not deal with the drama. An INTJ will not. When someone proposes something I really disagree with I will go talk to other participants and get their agreement rather than fight it out in a meeting. Personally, I also don't like discussion and drama. It was about a year or so from the move that I discovered something in my brain changing. It just means that they truly don't think that their feelings are relevant or anyone else's business. I am not the one who divides and polarizes at work anyway. Nevertheless, my basic tendency is and always will be introverted thinking. Analytical and Objective Thinker The INTJ individual is best suited to science, and while many believe that the scientist deals only in facts, it is the outstanding scientist who uses imagination to extrapolate possible interpretations of data as well as find commercial and industrial uses for new discoveries. April 26, at 1: With books and the Internet, I'm never truly alone. Sometimes the comments become overwhelming and I take time off. The abstract thinking and categorization has just completely vanished. My mode of observing and taking in the world now is definitely through empathy. There are many factors that can affect how the results of the MBTI turn out. As a matter of fact, I just don't like drama and have learned to identify it early. I was never under a stress to develop any particular skills except for recently in my programming job, which I had to eventually quit for the same reason , and while I was generally sort of artistic as a child, I was never very creative. Some will be warriors while others will be pacifists. From an early age I loved math, I loved abstract thinking and analyzing everything and modelling them in abstract ways. It is very true that hearing can take great effort for certain people- it can be exhausting. The INTJ is unusual in their combination of intuition and thinking. April 26, at 6:

Intj authors

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So the questions that are asked sometimes may not capture the exceptions. That's because INTJs believe that what they're doing is right.

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