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Ali Want me to go somewhere and fight for you? There are many wonderful things you can do to boost your inspiration quickly. Titans is a movie about winning, perseverance, racism, and unity. Despite the great difficulties, he has the courage to continue and maintains his composure, which finally allows him to rise to great success. The Theory of Everything This movie is about the life of Stephen Hawking but it is so much more than just science.

Inspriational movies

It tells the story of the first African-American baseball player Jackie Robinson who struggles greatly with racism from his teammates and the fans of the baseball team. In fact, the movie celebrates those courageous enough to be different than the rest. Life of Pi Being stranded in the Pacific Ocean with nothing but water around you is a horrible scenario. Erin Brockovich Even though the message of this movie is quite simple, it is still astonishingly powerful. As he notices that his right arm is trapped under a large boulder, Aron Ralston has to meet an incredibly difficult decision. Check out our roundup of the 16 Most Inspirational Movies on Netflix for more movies to watch. It tells the story of two brothers, one an autistic savant and the other an egotist, who did not know of each other until their father dies. March 14th, Motivation Are you struggling to find inspiration? It will inspire you to be perseverant and to always get back up again when life smacks you down. It shows you that it is pointless to lament and complain about the difficulties of life. His ideas of paying it forward stem from a school assignment in which he is asked to find a strategy to make a positive impact in life. The movie conveys quite a powerful message about hope. Freedom Writers Writing a journal can have a profound impact on your life. The movie tells the story of Chris Gardner, an entrepreneur who struggles for almost one year with being homeless while at the same time having to take care of his child. Pay It Forward This marvelous movie is all about the idea of paying it forward. However, there are two activities that are by far more powerful than all the others. Truth be told, before watching the film I knew very little about Gandhi and his mission. It will encourage you to take responsibility for your life so that positive changes for yourself and those around you can be affected. Even more so, the movie is brilliantly convincing its audiences that every single one of us is quite important and that we all can make a true difference in life. Despite the grim circumstances, the scientist does not give up. It tells the inspiring story of Pi who is the only human survivor of a shipwreck. Second, more than just a basic story of triumph over adversity or realizing success, Forrest Gump just feels like…well, life. The important message of the movie is that success can only be achieved if all the members of a team work together. But this inspirational movie also conveys that you can accomplish anything in life if you are willing to try hard enough. Lawrence of Arabia Set in , this movie explores the great emotional struggles of T. The movie will convince you of how important it is to help others and to treat others kindly.

Inspriational movies

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If you like smart movies with lots of math, baseball, or Brad Pitt, this is a sure-fire winner. These times cannot be avoided but you can definitely develop some powerful tactics to fight against a lack of inspiration.

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