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I need to know how this can be resolved because I believe I was over charged, because it was rang up as individual items and not the meals that I ordered. David Rhodes July 31, at Those employees depend on their tips as well as their pay checks so they will not only cheat themselves, but their employees and the customers will just go somewhere else! By this time, I am really angry. I was in the drive thru ordering whoppers and burgers to be told that they are out of burgers. This particular morning my husband and I decided to go in for breakfast. I actually got on the counter so I could lean over to see what she was doing.

Ihop nicholasville rd

I think we will be looking for someplace else to go to breakfast in the future. I was told the gray shirt was probably a manager. The process took more than ten minutes total. At no point did my fiancee make any statement about the number of people working by their race. She said I was getting fries. Evidently my order followed however many orders that were being turned in from the dining room. This particular morning my husband and I decided to go in for breakfast. So 15 min later? Now Today after being in contact with corporate and the store manager today I feel that not only have I lost my patience with that location but with the company itself loosing my favorite fast food burger restaurant in the process after their response to the situation. Ten min pass I had to ask where my food was, I was then asked what I ordered cause it was no longer on screen. We have been customers of theirs for more than 20 years. Who bought out Bob Evans? Ordered a meal plus a kids meal. Upon receiving the offensive burger I took it to the table unwrapped it took a picture of the opened burger for proof then took the unwrapped burger back to the counter after showing it to another customer. No bug flew in the cup as I was drinking it. She stepped back and the young lady handed me two bags one with meal and one kids meal. Ginny July 24, at 4: The young lady handed me the milk and I asked if I could have a drink carrier. All of the other fast food restaurants and businesses on the same road welcome the added sales.. I drove up to the window and all the lights were on but there was nobody around. This is the 4th time I have emailed and tried to resolve this issue, but no one seems to care enough about customer service at that location to resolve this issue. When I stepped out of my car, my son looked at my wet shirt and pants and I explained then went in and changed my clothes. The area near the soft drink dispenser was so sticky out feet stuck to the floor. I have notice bob Evans have been doing this a lot and they never used to!! Oh ordered a cup of cheesy potato extra.

Ihop nicholasville rd

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The female with gray shirt stepped up and closed the window.

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