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I feel like I have come to a point where I have to set a boundry. I feel like I have been betrayed three times. My gut honestly believes him for the first time i have seen true remose and real love in his eyes for me. I can not control his actions. You may even want to speak to a lawyer about your rights as it relates to the kids in this situation. Do I love the OW? But I do think you can love people differently.

How long do extramarital affairs usually last

I guess as the betrayed spouse who is trying to recover from the pain and save my marriage it is better for me to believe that Doug was only in love with the feelings and not the person. Maybe the beginnings of it. Reply Doug November 30, at Until your wife makes a decision to stop her affair, you really can do nothing so start working on and taking care of yourself and your kids. So very much appreciated. Your marriage is in a horrible limbo, so focus only on yourself and your kids. There is no in-between. The affair is further in the rear view mirror. I hope to believe that our spouses are farther along in their thinking and truly see the affair more realistically. He stopped all contact with the OP and we were really trying to get our marriage right again. But I do think there were some strong feelings towards her as well. Sat and talked with my husband last night. You are correct where you state the a marriage provides security, family and history. I do believe that you can love people differently. I know I felt differently when we were first together — then love changes. I do desereve better. My gut honestly believes him for the first time i have seen true remose and real love in his eyes for me. Confused76 December 5, at 7: Well OMG I had flower delievered to me, He made promises that I have never seen before and honestly he swears up and down that he did not have contact with her. Sorry for the vent, I am just so broken at the moment and my tears will not stop, I am in for surgery thoday.. So I do think one can love their spouse and the OP differently — not more or less, just different. Now I really dont know what happen Monday but he really did come home changed as I see it changed for the better but like everything else time will tell. For the both of us this was worth preserving over the passion within our affair. Only you can allow yourself to be a prisoner and be stuck. I have found your responses and Dougs to be completely refreshing and well-intended.

How long do extramarital affairs usually last

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Extramarital Affairs: Why There is No Future in Loving a Married Man

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I have no control over her thoughts or actions.

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