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I had burning sensation while eating spicy foods that time. Hard for a common man like me to believe which one is true. It seems from your message that you are concerned that you may have acquired HIV through kissing, and you're also concerned about a persistent fever and weight loss over the last couple of months. It stayed for about 2 weeks. Besides you are the one kissing her so what does that make you? It almost looked like skin rash though it wasn't.

Hiv french kissing

It can only be transmitted when certain fluids from an HIV-positive person move directly into the bloodstream or through mucous membranes of an HIV-negative person. Then i applied lemon juice on it twice daily for about a month and it dissapeared. It helps us to help you when you keep all your thoughts or questions in one thread and it helps other readers to follow the discussion. Furthermore, neither of you referred to having any blood presence which would slightly increase the risk, however, due to the enzyme in your saliva it would still be considered an extremely low risk. But i'm a virgin. There are many couples where one is negative and one is positive and they have been able to keep it that way. I also lost about 2 Kg in the last 1. Besides you are the one kissing her so what does that make you? That time it lasted for about 12 days. I sucked her lips hard. Gradually it spread in my whole mouth. Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently, every time, no exceptions. It stayed for a month but it wasn't persistent, it was on and off. In the 27th day of symptoms i again had that redness inside my lips and mouth. I also had mild diarrhea from the second day. The dry cough stayed for a month but it was mild. March 14, , You might also discuss with this gentleman what type of antiretroviral drugs he's taking as well as his viral load. I also felt fatigue that time for about 7 days. By the way, we congratulate you for being responsible and taking the time to ask some serious questions of the guy you just met, this is a great way to reduce the possibility of HIV transmission. So not initial HIV symptoms to start with and not in the time frames your posting about either. Last night I met a guy at a bar. Promiscuity does not equal HIV status, I wish it did as than I could at least claim I had had a great time acquiring HIV but i did not, also for all you know she used condoms every time and all her partners were negative. The saliva in your mouth contains an enzyme which actually inhibits the transmission of HIV. Human immunodeficiency virus HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. After 45 days i didn't have any of those symptoms. Please be reassured that there is no risk of acquiring HIV through kissing.

Hiv french kissing

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Kissing with AIDS (HIV positive ) Girlfriend

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