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When the current low-level but 12 year-old insurgency began in Balochistan in , Hindu merchants began receiving threatening ransom notes that forced quite a few of them to sell off their businesses in Hub and move on to Sindh and India for safety. Hindu community as like others is patriotic Pakistani. It is home to the caretakers of the shrine and Baluch tribesmen who revere the deity even though they are Muslims. Hindu community is a regular tax payer to Balochistan government but they are not eligible to get Zakat fund. She who is one with Lord Shiva, to her we pay our respects and make this offering swaha. The area is extremely arid and the pilgrimage also called 'Nani ki Haj' by local Muslims takes place before summer. The natural beauty of the shrine has spawned folklore that it was constructed by demigods called 'Yakshas'. We are not confident that our lives and livelihoods are safe here. Jalila Haider, an activist from the Hazara community, went on a hunger strike demanding protection for the Hazara community.

Hindus in balochistan

The most prominent among those who left Karachi is former deputy prime minister L. In the meantime police arrested Kumar and transported him to another police station in the nearby town of Gadani. The very poor Christian woman victim Taseer was trying to save, Aasia Bibi, is still in prison, after being sentenced to death for blasphemy. The city of Hub is well connected to Karachi, capital of Sindh, and has a thriving business market. He was approached by the King of Puri for help. Thus, they are the soft targets and they are being kidnapped for ransom. It was used in ancient India to cure snakebite and other poisonings and is still employed in traditional medicine. She who is one with Lord Shiva, to her we pay our respects and make this offering swaha. They went to the local mosques and all hell set lose then and there. A Chadi or Wooden Trident is planted near the edge of the crater and offerings of incense and cannabis are made along with recitation of 'mantras'. The shrine is situated on the mountain on the other bank of the river. The media has largely ignored the killings of Hindus, said Talpur. Since Hindus throughout Pakistan are not safe, as families have fled to India. In order to start cooking ' Mahaprasada ' for Lord Jagannath he had to procure Devi Hingula as fire for the temple kitchen. It is considered holy and is addressed as 'Baba Chandrakup' literally Father Moonwell. Baba Chandrakup[ edit ] An important stop during the pilgrimage is the mud volcano called 'Chandrakup', literally 'Moon Well' , mainland Asia 's largest mud volcano. Researchers point out more than 65 blasphemers have been target killed in Pakistan in the last quarter century, the top name being that of former governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer. The province is struggling with an insurgency and Christians, Shias, Hazaras and Hindus are unsafe. Prasad is distributed to the pilgrims and they return after seeing the Milky Way at night. Baloch and Balochistan have always been the most secular part of Pakistan and in fact whole of southwest Asia. Now local Muslims have overtaken most shops. The Goddess Hingula is thus believed to possess powers which can cure poisoning and other diseases. The volcano is filled with mud, instead of magma , hence the term "mud volcano". The clan with a sense of relief then branches out and spread across Sindh , Panjab , Rajasthan , Madhya Pradesh , and later on to South India, such as Maharashtra , Telangana , Andrapradesh and Karnataka. Kumar, a resident of Hub, had no clue one of the recepients, named Anwar Qadri Laasi, was a Hindu hater. About 13, Hindus live in Lasbela district.

Hindus in balochistan

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Hindus in Sind, Baloch in Balochistan, Kashmiris in Kashmir. Pakistan is a terrorist state.

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She who is one with Lord Shiva, to her we pay our respects and make this offering swaha.

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