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Like all homes there are neighbours close and far removed but generally I'll have a coffee or a beer with anyone. But what exactly in the goth subculture needs defending? I would say the subculture's integrity. If we stray too far away from the core of the goth subculture that being the music and the history around it then it will become something else. Many metalheads have found romance and love on the metal dating site. Defenders The people defending the goth subculture from too much outside influence. The Rank and File I am using this as a catch all term for people who participate in goth subculture but don't really care much about the politics of it all. The goth subculture isn't just the music or the fashion or the sacking of Rome.

Goth social network

In the flesh and online. The goth identity was on the ropes. It is also worth considering that at different times in the goth subculture's history, greater importance has been placed on different things. The last thing a Publisher of a Goth website wants to see is an ad for some mainstream credit card company destroying the carefully crafted Gothic layout of their website. Often they overlap - used to be you could go out and have your fun with drama on the weekend and leave it there. On top of that we all have our moments where we question what we believe and even if holding such perceptions and ideas is even worth it. If we stray too far away from the core of the goth subculture that being the music and the history around it then it will become something else. So the defenders at the time were fighting for goth to be played beyond a couple of token songs and for people to understand that industrial and EBM are not goth. We are always looking for guest bloggers with different perspectives to send in articles for the website. Every now and then I have a conversation somewhere online or hear a comment that makes me think of this and how it is a good topic to discuss. Or buying clothes we only wear once for an instagram photo. But for most the pinnacle historically was to climb the ladder and become the DJ as the DJ shapes the local scene. This picture is neat so I put it here. It is people interested in similar things gathering together to share in those interests. When you have been doing this for 20 years as I have you see a lot of fashions come and go. I would say the subculture's integrity. The sum of the parts lures us to goth instead of something else and we find a home within it. But what exactly in the goth subculture needs defending? Over the years since 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s, there has been plenty of goth, deathrock and darkwave music made within the goth subculture too. So now we have ignorant outsiders confusing goths with Emos, black metalheads is that a thing? To be clear this isn't a way to classify goths into types like those darn chibi things. In short, for the most part these people are happy enough to go along for the ride. The new goth music now is very sifferent to that of the 80s and 90s. From discovering bands when I was new to discovering unfamiliar bands today, from honing my personal sense of style, from participating in the subculture with other people, from learning and educating at the same time, from talking shit about goth on the internet. From what I have heard from people around then mid 80s-mid 90s was goth in its heyday as goth with its own identity.

Goth social network

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10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Goth

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