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At the top right is Luna , with her crescent moon, who may be depicted driving a biga. It is often said that twin flames connect mind to mind, heart to heart and soul to soul — and this is certainly true from a telepathic viewpoint. We are able to feel their warmth embrace us. Sometimes we are able to actually feel them touch us, usually by feeling a gentle caress on our hair, cheek, lips, hand etc. On some reliefs, there is a bearded figure identified as Oceanus , the water god, and on some there are the gods of the four winds.

God brings twin flames together

Mithras name Bas-relief of the tauroctony of the Mithraic mysteries, Metz , France. He is shown as emerging from a rock, already in his youth, with a dagger in one hand and a torch in the other. The thing to know about telepathy between twin flames is that while words can easily deceive us, the energy received through the heart chakra does not and cannot lie. Sometimes the figure is standing on a globe inscribed with a diagonal cross. It has positively impacted my life and I know it has helped and will help many others as well. I feel that the value I got out of this book was well worth the small investment, and it went beyond my expectations. In these reliefs, the four elements could be invoked together. Naturally, telepathy is just as strong when the awakened twins are face to face, and their physical presence provides an excellent opportunity to validate their experiences. It is important to get to know ourselves so that when these emotions hit us, we are able to simply recognise them as coming from our twin — and let them go lovingly. When we listen to our twin flame talk this is often with a sense of wonder as they seem to be able to read our mind, often taking even our most intimate thoughts straight out of our mind and saying them out loud using our own words. Since twin flames share the same one soul resonance and vibrate at the same frequency, their energetic flow makes them telepathic and emphatic with each other and enables them to intuitively know what the other is feeling, desiring or thinking. Since the connection works outside of the normal boundaries of time and space, whether the twins are physically together or apart is irrelevant. Equally many twins, such as I, have developed a psychic connection with their twin flame before meeting them physically and have been aware of the other on some level since their earliest childhood. I really can't say enough positive things about this book! Twin flames are always in continuous loving communication through their shared heart space; however when this is done consciously both twins reap the benefits. When we experience a merger with our twin flame it is indispensable to keep our hearts open and our thoughts upbeat. The times where I have experienced this most intensely have been after my Kundalini awakening and after our mutual surrender. But the image of bull-slaying tauroctony is always in the central niche. The language of the heart requires no translation, decoding or interpretation and therefore we are able to energetically tell whether our twin is being genuine and authentic in the words they speak. It succeeded in serving me the information that I needed to heal where I had become disconnected from my twin flame. This can be very confusing, yet as both twins begin to awaken and grow spiritually, they naturally align with their higher selves and the divine will. I say this not only because Jeff and Shaleia are my spiritual teachers and I follow their work, but also because I have seen the contrast of other twin flame content which is generally riddled with messages that induce fear and separation consciousness -- which, speaking from experience, is self-serving to the author s and will get you no where on your twin flame journey to your one true love. He is usually represented as having four wings, two keys sometimes a single key , and a scepter in his hand. Much about the cult of Mithras is only known from reliefs and sculptures. It is often said that twin flames connect mind to mind, heart to heart and soul to soul — and this is certainly true from a telepathic viewpoint. Sometimes twin flames share lengthy conversations which seem to happen entirely in the mind. Telepathy in fact is an expression of the wider energetic resonance, oneness and binding together of the twins which naturally deepens and strengthens as their love for each other grows.

God brings twin flames together

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Why Twin Flames Meet Later In Life After Marriage

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Since the connection works outside of the normal boundaries of time and space, whether the twins are physically together or apart is irrelevant. The day I discovered this I was stood all the way across the room from my twin, and he was sat down at his desk, with his back to me.

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