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If they don't cite it, then the bill either doesn't exist, or they don't want to be embarrassed by the quote-mined sentence when some sheeple comes in. Their heating system was obsolete. I got something from friends that was about Nancy Pelosi and it was completely bogus. So some people who are looking at it have no idea what the original source was. In this violent environment, the "scenario" described in Rex 84 is rather disturbing. In reality the bright, color coded stickers serve varying purposes for newspaper and mail delivery personnel. He's the editor-in-chief of that independent group I was talking about otherwise known as Popular Mechanics.

Glenn beck fema camps

He stated, "If these people are radicalized and they don't support the United States and they're disloyal to the United States as a matter of principle, fine, that's their right. This is an Amtrak repair facility in Beach Grove, Indiana. Truman in pursuant to executive order FEMA camps are not, as conspiracy theorists would have it, some grand plot against conservative American patriots; rather, the only administration to seriously consider interning dissidents was planning on doing so against the sorts of left-wing activists that the American far-right despise the most next to the federal government, the NWO , and the "international bankers" , that is. Everybody is saying, oh, this is an Obama thing. So she was too extreme for militia members? Throughout the Reagan administration, the black ops of the US military and intelligence agencies effectively ran wild, especially in Latin America , where Reagan's aggressive intervention many times verged on intentional genocide [19] by right-wing "death squads" with CIA backing. I got something from friends that was about Nancy Pelosi and it was completely bogus. But once you go down that road, if somebody wants to be convinced of that, they can't really debunk that. Is this — this is what they claim. And I said to my producer, "Can we just please debunk this or prove it to be accurate? For the latter, it is not realistic to think that we can convince them otherwise and it is advisable not to enter into debate on the subject. By the way, if you want to get all of the information and more on the FEMA camps, debunk information that we couldn't get into the segment, help silence the annoying conspiracy freak in your life. I thought this was a Bush thing because of Halliburton and everything else. Their heating system was obsolete. Because if we don't, I don't really care. They were repairing trains in there. How come I'm hearing the sound here, Frank. And after our initial research, I came in and I said, "Wait a minute. So the turnstiles are there for — they were there. And what we did was we looked into these claims. Army is looking for "a Few Good Totalitarians" to herd dissenters into camps. This is something where they're showing a so-called concentration camp. The first side asserts that they've found tons of concentration camps on Google Earth. I don't know how they got this video when it was behind the fence, but they went in and got this video.

Glenn beck fema camps

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Stunning U.S. Propaganda About Japanese Internment Camps

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This small building is the only way into a particular fenced area.

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