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This was actually justified in the 5th season episode "Janine, You've Changed"; she had made a deal with a ghost to be made over to win Egon's affections, and the ghost had hidden the changes from the cast. She says that management wanted all of the Divas to wear sparkly dresses. In the new series, she wears a sleeveless top and a miniskirt, wears her long hair straight, and has a more coy, seductive personality. The advertisements only featured her, and she spoke like a borderline Valley Girl. A rare Super Sentai example: The Bella Twins actually commented on this in their shoot interview, stating that they taught Nattie how to do the "Diva thing" while they were training - as she was not used to making public appearances. After conveniently being destroyed she was rebuilt as a girly pink backpack with eyelashes. Baljeet actually thought she was a boy the whole time and that "he" suddenly became a girl.


Reportedly, Craig McCracken was not pleased with this at all , so there's little wonder it didn't stick. She and her sisters end up trying to hit on the Rowdyruff Boys while Townsville is under attack. Not to mention the whole near death mystery stuff and the power of friendship. The title character doesn't mind THAT much to put on dresses and make up, and even seems to enjoy putting them up. When she got redesigned for Sonic Adventure , she equipped a more feminine outfit and girly traits, such as love for shopping and the color red as her main color. In all their videos they would be shown with styled hair, more make-up and more fashionable clothes. Pinkie Pie's tangled mess of a mane is perfectly groomed, and several Princess Celestia toys are pink even though the box art depicts her as white. She's replaced by Jenny Lewis in Season 2 - a journalist who is always shown dolled up and wearing the latest fashions. Chyna already had gone through plenty of Fail Polish by the end of the year In The Magic School Bus Rides Again she's grown out her hair, changed her shirt, and opted for a skirt instead of jeans. Hasbro disagreed but early media was still roughly unisex. Then all of a sudden when she entered the women's division her ring gear became more feminine and she lost weight as well as wearing dresses and high heels backstage. Carl's wife, Ellie, certainly seems way more feminine as an adult than she ever did as a kid—but that doesn't stop her from being Adorkable. Their default outfits had skirts on them though it should also be said that their pony counterparts didn't mind wearing dresses every now and then. In the third story , Kallen suggests that she has become a Proper Lady due to spending a couple weeks with the Noble Heleti Family. Gwen was this after the time skip. In real life, Joan wore men's clothes in order to be seen as equal to the troops and to avoid possible rape attempts. Inverted with both of the Chick Busters. Arya only has a mild one and not one of her own volition but during Season 5, she's given a bath and a new set of clothes, which is perhaps the first time we've seen Arya in a dress since Season 1. Kit of the doll line is mentioned to despise pink and, in the books is the Tomboy to her best friend Ruthie's Girly Girl. Gretchen gets one in an episode where she hangs around with Ashley A. By G3 , which is from The Noughties , it didn't even have male ponies. In the later installment, Nuts And Bolts, she appears a lot more feminine and curvy. Over the years the series has been gearing itself more at girls, what with Princess Dora being a thing and Dora appearing more often in dresses. Peyton in Seasons 1 to 4 - usually wearing jeans, band t-shirts and a leather jacket. Blossom and Bubbles are both Girly Girls but the tomboyish Buttercup received a huge one of these. In the book of Bridge to Terabithia , Leslie is a boyish looking girl with short-cropped hair who wears plain, androgynous clothes.


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Brigette, the young host, used to look a lot more like a tomboyish teenage girl in her first appearance, as she had short hair, a Dangerously Short Skirt , and brown sandals. She's replaced by Jenny Lewis in Season 2 - a journalist who is always shown dolled up and wearing the latest fashions.

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