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It's going to be a nice day…I notice in the news that Gerald Ford hopes the President will not resign. WKLO is a "Top 40" station, playing mainly rock 'n' roll, and he was afraid he wouldn't be acceptable because he is "not a typical Top 40 announcer. They couldn't be listening to the music so they must be listening to me. I had a very interesting boyhood. Most of the letters I receive - I don't know to describe them - well, the writer seems to be a little irrational when he sits downs to write. Ervin on record…Can you imagine that? That's the way it's worked out. What are you paying me all this money for? The family, he says, was among the poorest in town and Bill was introduced early to hard work.

Gay clubs louisville ky

Gawd, man, there's always something to be mad about. He leaves here July 25 and goes on-air in Chicago July I have been the Duke of Twin Falls. He explains his wanderings thus: Nobody ever said he wasn't a straight shooter. Nothing as embarrassing as that is going to happen to me. WAKY will probably grant the equal-time request. He's a radio personality, he says, not merely a disk-spinner; nor does he exalt himself to the stature of a commentator like Paul Harvey. Thank God, it's over. God, I've done so many things…" "Okay, there's a little redhead out at the Luau Room…. At other times, in other places, he worked briefly as a janitor and as a "hay bucker" -- lifting and stacking heavy bales of hay. I don't plan to stay on the wagon forever, but when I start drinking again, I want to make sure it's at a specified time, you know, like Friday night or Saturday. I was drinking so much because, damn, I got off work at 10 o'clock and had nothing to do till six o'clock the next morning. We're living in a very permissive society where the family unit has no real value anymore. But there's more to Billy Bailey than a big mouth and a string of marriages. No, it's not a summons. I have been the Duke of Houston. You could put anything in front of him and he could draw it or paint it. I took the ratings into the office, threw them on the desk and quit. They know I'm divorced. He Francis got several complaints for things I had said. My dad died when I was three years old, and my mother died when I was just barely 16, so then I took off for Seattle, Portland, up that way. They wanted me to say what I had to say in 10 seconds, and most often they didn't approve of anything I said…It was such a damper on my spirit that I thought it was all over. Three of the Seven Dwarves? A lot of doctors listen to me, and attorneys. Having clawed his way to the top, he's as tough as the competition requires.

Gay clubs louisville ky

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Gay Pride Parade 2016 in Louisville KY

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Or four of the Seven Dwarves? A fellow walks in, looks around.

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