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Sober as a Judge: Possibly from the shot tequila slammers or perhaps the other way round, someone who is slammed is very drunk, usually people drinking tequila slammers are trying to get drunk. Hair of the dog: Champagne is notoriously expensive so a champagne socialist is one that talks about socialism and liberal ideas while enjoying a luxuriant lifestyle themselves. As above the rat-arsed are drunk.

Funny nicknames for drunks

The games are often simple and repetitive but requiring concentration therefore they get harder as you go. This is idiomatic, obscure and old-fashioned, but I do need another 29 it means very drunk. Feel free to add more in the comments. Someone who is battered has metaphorically covered themselves with a crunchy tasty exterior, so is less aware of the world around them. Probably derived from the bellow. This phrase is becoming quite old-fashioned. Some idioms make no sense when you think about the literal meaning. This one can also mean crazy, but sometimes people do crazy things when they are drunk. Someone who is pissed is very drunk Pissed up: See 91 but with the glass not the bottle. Tanked when your car is out of petrol you need to fill the tank … if you get tanked then you should never drive. Stone cold sober and painfully aware of it: Organise a piss up in a brewery: Mildly drunk, just enough to put some extra colour in your cheeks. Hair of the dog: Drunk as a skunk this one probably comes from the sounds —unk and —unk. To tap the barrel to tap as a verb can often be used metaphorically: Champagne is notoriously expensive so a champagne socialist is one that talks about socialism and liberal ideas while enjoying a luxuriant lifestyle themselves. Someone who has a rat for a bottom? If someone has been taxied a taxi has been phoned to take them home. A plough is the tool farmers use to make a field ready for planting, the field is often then difficult to walk over as the level will vary. Someone who has trouble with the decanters has a drinking problem, probably with spirits. Being drunk has a wide range of idiom and slang terms associated with it, of course if you are going to drink you should only ever do so responsibly. To drink someone under the table: To lose your bottle: Some people, stereotypically students in the UK play drinking games where every time you lose you have to take a drink. Especially British English said when clinking glasses together.

Funny nicknames for drunks

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