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Departing at 10am from Dock C returning at approx. It is very important to leave the light parts of the paper below untouched by the Cobalt Blue mixture. Please be aware there is only a basic sea toilet on board the boat, and no toilet facilities on Fingal Island. How long is the tour? Will Imagine cancel the tour?

Fingal bay

The cast and form shadows combined with the tonal changes give the sand dune its shape. The trick with painting sand dunes with watercolor is looking at the light and dark tones in the sand area as well as the various shadow shapes. How far do we walk and how fit do I need to be? During the cooler months, Fingal Island is the perfect place to try and spot a whale! We will provide the delivery vessel and land guide, fresh water in plastic bottles, tea and coffee at the lighthouse and a plastic poncho if it rains. Leave this to dry thoroughly! You will need to disembark down a ladder on the front of the boat. You can see right across Fingal Bay and the views looking along the coastline are spectacular! Imagine Cruises is happy to welcome you on this new and exciting adventure tour. Please be aware there is only a basic sea toilet on board the boat, and no toilet facilities on Fingal Island. How long is the tour? What does Imagine provide? How much time do we spend on Fingal Island? Can the kids come? There will be times when we cannot make a tour due to bad weather. The guided walk is around 3. This will become the under painting for painting sand dunes. What about bad weather? Please be ready to board Envision boat 15 minutes before scheduled departure time. The key area is the line at the top of the sand dunes and a general indication of areas in shadow and sunlight. Please go to bathroom before departing on this Tour. Simpe drawing and watercolor under painting of sand dunes and sky. Once this is done mix some cobalt blue with lots of water, the consistency should be about the strength of a weak tea. With your board tilted to about 25 degrees paint the sky area down to the top of the sand dunes. What should you bring? If you have further questions please contact office on Search. Learn about Government Cove where the ships once delivered supplies, including the sandstones blocks used to build the lighthouse!

Fingal bay

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The guided walk is around 3.

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