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And a K-3 visa is valid for two years and multiple entries to the U. For Overall Speed, the fiance visa is about 7 months faster. Some have suggested the low numbers are due to improving CR-1 visa processing times. Then finally, fiance arrives in America and you marry and apply for Adjustment of Status. The spouse applies for a K-3 visa at the Consulate. Timing for Admission to the U.

Fiance visa vs spouse visa usa

I can appeal, and even sometimes file a court action to help prompt compliance with rules. Instead, the post will adjudicate the spouse should complete the immigrant visa application. You should not assume that having a genuine relationship is sufficient to secure either a fiance visa or spouse visa. After marriage, the foreign spouse remains in the U. In practice, the K-3 is not a popular visa option. Marrying abroad is a valid marriage if conducted according to the laws of the place of marriage. The only difference is how long you are married on the day you apply. And the legal fees for the K-1 are slightly higher than that because after admission to the U. It allows you to start your lives together in the USA about 7 months sooner. Fiance visa or spouse visa the burden to prove your bona fides is the same, It requires a whole rainbow of evidences to demonstrate yours is a "sincere, genuine" relationship. Processing Timelines K1 Fiance Visas — You can begin the petition for a Fiancee Visa immediately, assuming that the couple have met within the past two years and meet other requirements. The Fiance visa makes sense, if you want to start your life together as quickly as possible. Residents must wait an additional period of time--until an Immigration Visa Number becomes available--after the USCIS approval, which can add several more months to the timeline. The legal fees for a K-3 are slightly higher because a second petition must be filed. There Are a Number of Considerations 1. In , there were only K-3 visas issued worldwide. The consulate asks your fiance in for a screening interview and that is when the visa is approved or denied. Then, once you have met, you decide you want to marry and are engaged you submit a fairly substantial application to USCIS, that's Homeland Security. The spouse applies for a K-3 visa at the Consulate. Citizen and not a spouse of a U. Timing On average, a marriage visa is currently taking several weeks longer to obtain than a fiance visa. Once the Visa is granted, the visa is good for six months for your fiance ton travel to the USA. The closeness of the relationship is what matters more. A Marriage Visa is typically more complex, slower and, a more expensive route compared to the K1 Fiance Visa. This is illegal in my view, but it is current practice.

Fiance visa vs spouse visa usa

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Top Reasons Why K1 Fiance Visa is Better than CR1 Spouse Visa

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Green Card When processing on a CR spouse visa, we can also preprocess on a green card so that when the foreigner arrives in the U.

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