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Brian is bailed out by the family and put on probation for drug use. He is the technician, as he stands on a stage and loudly addresses the facts of the situation. Club stated that the episode "showed admirable restraint [ The crudely animated cutaway featuring a man smoking a joint and his dog trying to encourage him to give up the drug refers to similarly animated anti-marijuana advertisements sponsored by the Office of National Drug Policy and the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Even Peter is too wasted to make up a cutaway gag. You even get note of his state of mind in small captions at the beginnings of scenes, so you can stay on track of how much pot was consumed prior to filming. Stewie serves as performer, suggesting doing a fun song to get people invested in his cause.

Episode 420

Ahsan Haque of IGN rated the episode an 8. Its background noise and something to look at while you're stretching your neck, but not interesting enough to take your mind off the monotonous task of deleafing marijuana. During the song, a picture of Woody Harrelson is shown. He and Stewie perform an enthusiastic musical number in public about the joys of smoking pot and soon after the entire town rallies behind them in their cause. Quagmire to the point of irritating his friends with how much he fawns over his cat. Parodied in a cutaway, as Peter loves it when movies do this. Lois supports marijuana legalization and disapproves of Brian doing so despite having smoked pot himself. The only way for me to solve this crisis is to be Superman IV: Brian points out that the town has improved as a result, with a decrease in crime, an increase in productivity and Doctor Who ratings shooting up. To the Tune of Was this review helpful to you? I remember a scene in which i found Benson laughing more at his own jokes in a single interview than I did this entire movie. Club stated that the episode "showed admirable restraint [ They are pulled over by the police, who completely ignore the fact Peter murdered a cat, but when they see Brian in possession of pot, they arrest him without question. The town would most likely be able to decriminalize it. It is in a lower class of video footage and still scores low on the grade scale. I'm telling you, these drug dealers represent a clear and present danger to the United States! Towards the end of the musical number Shaggy from the television show Scooby-Doo can be seen among the crowd, referencing a number of jokes about his stoned-like demeanor. Despite Brian convincing all of Quahog to support cannabis, that would not make it legal at a state level, which is what would need to happen for people in the town to be able to smoke it so openly. Brian reluctantly complies and pot is illegal once more. Brian says that with pot legalized, crime is down, productivity is up which, according to DVD commentary, they couldn't say as the censors did not want marijuana to be glamorized , and ratings for Doctor Who are through the roof. Other celebrities mentioned on the list include: Peter is given one before and after getting into Carter's car for no other reason that Carter being a Jerkass Selective Enforcement: Crops up a little during Brian's original protest in the park. Carter decides to bribe Brian to join his cause by publishing and shipping his novel, Faster Than the Speed of Love , and putting an Oprah sticker on it. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page.

Episode 420

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Instead of quitting pot though, Brian decides to start a campaign to legalize marijuana in Quahog. Peter tries to shave Quagmire's new cat with a hand razor, but he ends up killing it.

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