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They need to be fed and watered and cared for and there's cleaning to do, and vets to come in… "This is the first time I've worn a dress in ages," she adds. Most importantly, enjoy life. YouTube is, after all, owned by Google. The gaggle of gay men laughed nervously, as though a Trojan horse had somehow made its way into our company. Cathy Davey with Arnold the pig at the rescue centre.

Davey gay

Turns out, I was wrong. But they were wrong. In meeting with the people who follow me online, we noticed something peculiar. Cathy Davey withHarvey the dog and her partner Neil Hannon Hannon, by contrast, is a productive soul and his next album - which Davey says will be a double album on which she played the drums on certain tracks - will be his 12th. She is smothered with a cold and a succession of hot drinks and lozenges are on hand to help get her through it. But things have changed a lot over the years — and, most noticeably, very recently. And besides, there's the more pressing work of ensuring that the rescue animals have enough 'haylage' - a hay and silage hybrid - to tide them over until spring gets going properly and there's enough grass for them to munch. The live album, appropriately named Bare Bones in deference to the stripped back performance featuring a handful of musicians, will only be released on vinyl and will be available on Record Store Day next month. Cathy Davey with Arnold the pig at the rescue centre. Davey is no longer on the treadmill common to so many musicians and she says there are a number of projects she's thinking about but one senses any new material will not be rushed. Years ago, I was getting dinner with some gay friends. Find out how here. In its own subtle and beguiling way, it encourages the listener to stop rushing about and to take stock of the magnificence of the natural world on their doorstep. And it's a pity that that's been lost. We know that we need the support of our straight friends and family to make all the good stuff happen for us. Check out his hundreds of videos at DaveyWavey. Since , Davey and like-minded animal lovers have been running the My Lovely Horse Rescue charity - named, in honour of Hannon's ditty, famed for its use on Father Ted. The pair tend to pursue their own creative endeavours and Davey says she has huge admiration for Hannon's work. And with more than a million social media followers, YouTube has allowed me to build a pretty big virtual family. Because it was lo mein, and lo mein is fucking good. And the sold-out crowd seem to love it. Her mother, Agnes Conway, is a distinguished sculptor, and both Davey and Hannon composed a piece of music to accompany one of her recent exhibitions. And I, for one, am tickled pink. But nothing could be further from the case. The latter album, in particular, offers a good sense of where Davey is right now - it's essentially a paean to nature and to a life rooted in the here and now. It all looks idyllic but Davey points out there's plenty of hard work to do, no matter what day of the week it is.

Davey gay

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Years ago, I was getting dinner with some gay friends.

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