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This doesn't matter; as long as the writer gets across that this character isn't some kind of fancy intellectual at whom the audience should sneer, then the Book Dumb has done its job. Many main characters in children's shows and in adult's shows featuring children are explicitly shown as doing very badly in school, despite showing themselves to be of at least average intelligence in most other areas of life. Further justified in that Naruto is the host of the 9-nailed demon fox and the seal interferes with his ability to control his chakra properly. Despite this, or perhaps because of it , he manages to not only reinvent nearly every baking technique from scratch, he improves on them. Also contrast Insufferable Genius , who is very talented and almost arrogantly proud of it. With Superman it really is the writers' faults. One that particularly sticks out is when he out-smarts Eneru's Mantra mind-reading ability A Slam Dunk episode features four members of the Shohoku Team failing their exams with ridiculous results. Heine figures out what Leonhard's worries are and reminds Leonhard that he'd never physically hurt Leonhard or any of the others.

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Despite being an apparent delinquent and shonen lead, Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach has one of the highest grade point averages in the school, to the chagrin of his normal friends who are upset that he betrays his stereotype. Clark Kent is a world renowned investigative journalist and a prize winning novelist. The whole ordeal functions as part of Judai's Deconstruction. Played questionably straight with Tohru, who tends to struggle though not due to lack of effort. The episode eventually leads to an Aesop about how learning theory in school doesn't necessarily make one good at actually doing something in real life. Perhaps the Ninja training just gets in the way of her studies. As an adult, though he still can be naive and a little too willing to trust others, what keeps him from being an Idiot Hero is that he can show surprising wisdom and his clear that his intelligence is focused on combat. It's entirely possible, however, that she's actually an agent of that regime used to lure people like Winston into a false sense of security before the Thought Police come after them. Eventually, Heine manages to convince Leonhard that he'll actually help him study and not hurt him, and Leonhard learns basic mathematics by being taught to visualise his favourite cake for example, you have one slice. Superman helps maintain the advanced Kryptonian equipment in his Fortress. Then there's Orihime, who, despite her space-case tendencies, manages to get at least 3rd in their entire grade. Films - Animation Percival C. He was born a poor street kid and eventually came to be the waste management consultant in Ankh-Morpork. On the other hand, his grades are catastrophically low, he thinks the brain is a muscle, doesn't know what veteran means He doesn't tend to do very well in school. It seems he can only think properly under life threatening danger, but has apparently grown out of this after the Time Skip said score has gone up to 3. So, during their cram session, Usui had to re-educate him on how Element works ; which is considered basic at the academy. Maybe he's just Too Dumb to Fool. Eventually the lich begrudgingly concedes and is surprised to learn that the goblin can count to twenty and picked up from Avalina the skill to make a rope. Too bad he's kind of Book Dumb in certain areas. Heine figures out what Leonhard's worries are and reminds Leonhard that he'd never physically hurt Leonhard or any of the others. In one episode she demonstrates her ability to cram for a test with a single all-nighter; she manages to get the same good score as Kagami, despite of that the latter studied for the same test well over a week. In one case in A Voice in the Wilderness , she can't make heads or tails of some sensor readouts, but she does understand more general concepts such as what a radioactive half-life is and that a Class N planet is going to look rather like Venus. Coco's able to convince her to keep going and try again and she does better However, after the series got more serious , he's shown to not actually be stupid - when he's determined and tries, he's very smart about fighting and utilizing his abilities in combat. Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi is a borderline female example.

Dave and busters overland park

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