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And of course communication doesn't have to be in words - it can be via body language, groans, moans, sighs, squirming under your lover's fingers - and much more! Have some high quality artificial lube handy. She can place her feet flat on the surface next to your shoulders with her knees at an angle this is the most common position or she can bring her legs up and place her feet on your shoulders for wider access to her vulva. This is where the creativity can come in! Make certain before you start that your neck is not going to develop a crick so you have to stop at the point where she's getting really aroused. It's essential that she's relaxed, because tension and discomfort will really get in the way of her orgasm.

Cunningulus positions

Such is the way of the world when it comes to stimulating a woman sexually! She may need to pull back the skin above her clit to give him clear access. Most women prefer repetition - so when you find something that makes her moan with delight, or tell you how good it is, that's a great sign you should continue doing it! If you need more information about sex and relationships , you can find it here. You may find that what excites her when you start this time loses its appeal for no understandable reason as your sex play goes on, and you may find her shifting her vulva around in your face as she tries to keep the bit that feels most sensitive near your tongue! He can kneel behind her and push his face into her rear end. Ah, the problems of being a man! The Plough Yes, it's just like the yoga position. When a woman is close to orgasm, her clitoris tends to disappear under its hood and retract back into her body. The answer is to simply continue giving her cunnilingus by licking or fingering in the general area where you last saw her clitoris. Laci Green On Cunnilingus If you know what the signs are vaginal ballooning and the muscles around the entrance gripping your finger you can tell when she's on the downhill slope to her orgasm. That's quite likely, for an orgasm makes women more desirous of sexual contact, and the perfect loving act from her point of view after you've just given her an orgasm, is to feel you inside her. The woman lies on her back and swings her legs all the way over her head so her ass and cunt are facing the ceiling, or thereabouts anyway. Her orgasm may well stop if you don't continue stimulating her clitoris, even after she started to climax. You can do this by asking her right at the start what she wants, so she knows she has "permission" to express her needs later. The idea here is that this will allow you to satisfy her with an orgasm before you yourself reach orgasm. You can have your partner's face away from you facing your feet. Her partner must straddle her knees and use his fingers to pull her labia apart to reveal her clit. She kneels over him, then leans backwards so her weight rests against his knees. A word of warning, though! Of course, good sex - both oral sex and vaginal intercourse - depends on more than good technique - intimacy, love, respect, trust and so on come to mind here - but knowing what to do and how best to do it in bed can certainly help make your love life better! Cunnilingus Positions Traditional or "Missionary Cunnilingus" The woman lies on her back and opens her legs. The latter can be harder on the leg muscles but gives the woman more control over where her partner is licking. If her G spot is smooth, swollen, and she responds to pressure on it with moans of delight, then a little less attention externally and a little more internally will be highly likely to excite her. You may also find that a bit of pressure on her lower abdomen with the palm of your hand near her vagina will make it reappear. Even so, it does help blood to rush to the head, which can result in strong orgasms.

Cunningulus positions

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Legs Closed Some women like to close their legs when they orgasm, which means that this position is best for cunnilingus. The latter can be harder on the leg muscles but gives the woman more control over where her partner is licking.

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