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Plus the Croydon Park hotel has pub cuisine too. The area was a haunt of bushrangers in the s with two major thoroughfares, Parramatta Road to the north and Liverpool Road to the south providing regular opportunities for holdups. Plus to the south is Campsie train station on the Southern Line. The most common other countries of birth were China 6. The south-west corner of the suburb towards Belmore is least safe.

Croydon park sydney

Plus the Croydon Park hotel has pub cuisine too. This property remained largely intact for more than 40 years, until it was subdivided into large blocks after the death of Elizabeth Underwood in In , the Sydney-Parramatta railway was built through the area which led to a housing boom around the stations at Ashfield and Burwood. Anthony Hordern built his grand home 'Shubra Hall' in while many of the shops along Edwin Street North were built in the s. These were destroyed by early British settlers to make lime for mortar in buildings. The suburb has a rich history with an Eastern European flavor throughout It was very popular in the 60's and 70's with the Polish community, and remains so today. Schools[ edit ] There are two primary schools in Croydon Park: Australian international soccer player who grew up in Croydon Park. Eating Out - gave this four stars. Three stars to be safe. Because Five Dock was actually a long way north some confusion ensued and Ashfield Council renamed the station in to Croydon after the suburb in London. The Malvern Hill Estate was subdivided in and designed as a model suburb like Haberfield with wide tree-lined streets and houses built in the then-modern Federation style a variation of Arts and crafts. Within a year or so, a rough land route had been established between the two settlements, traversing through the territory of the Cadigal, Wangal and Burramattagal people. There were middens along the Cooks River where the indigenous people camped. Keen cyclists make use of the Cooks River Cycleway. More specifically, it was probably home to the Wangal clan based around Concord but may also have been home to the Cadigal Sydney or Bideagal Botany Bay clans. Alt was the first to take up residence on his land, naming it 'Hermitage Farm'. Further grants were made in to: The land was heavily wooded at the time with tall eucalypts , blackbutts and turpentines covering the higher ground and mangroves , swamp oaks and swamp mahoganies in the lower swampy ground of Iron Cove Creek. This scenic route stretches all the way from Homebush to Botany Bay, and is bordered by lush parklands. Given the name Croydon Park, it was the first reserve in the City of Canterbury. Aboriginal anthropology[ edit ] Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the area now known as Croydon was part of the land which the Wangal tribe hunted and lived having migrated down from northern Australia and before that Asia. Seeing people jogging, and walking dogs, is commonplace Gym and Fitness - One star. The Parents and Citizens Association at the public school believed that residents were rather left out of regular postal deliveries and a petition was prepared for their member of parliament asking for a Croydon Park post office to be opened in the area. These constituted the entire area of the current suburb.

Croydon park sydney

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Elders Inner West \ Croydon Park, 1 Stiles Street

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