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Use of the term is generally restricted to people with whom the speaker agrees politically. It may be used with the meaning of friend as in Serbian, but this use is far less frequent in Croatian. All three terms are occasionally used in a mocking or patronising manner by political opponents. In Indonesian , the words Komrad, Kawan, or Kamerad are used by communist , socialist, and nationalist political parties. Although the word was originally used by Korean people all over the Korean Peninsula , people living south of the 38th Parallel began avoiding using the word after a communist state was set up in the north. In German , the word Kamerad had long been used as an affectionate form of address among people linked by some strong common interest, such as a sport, a college, a profession notably as a soldier , or simply friendship.


Iranian communists use the same term. In Romanian the exact translation is camarad, a neologism introduced from French in the 19th century, which does not bear a political connotation, referring mainly to wartime allies and friends. It is used as a less intimate alternative to vinur friend. In English, the first known use of the word "comrade" with this meaning was in in the socialist magazine Justice. It remains in use as a respectful term of public address among middle-aged Chinese and members of the Communist Party of China. Summary style for information on how to incorporate it into this article's main text. The French word is camarade. In Khmer , the word "comrade" Khmer: Since 'Kamerad' is the usual term for a fellow soldier in German military language, the word is associated the right-wing scene instead of left-wing groups. In the Philippines , communist and left-leaning activists prefer the term kasama roughly, companion , and the short form, Ka before the name e. In non-political sense, it means "companion". It was used both as a noun and as a title for basically anyone in mainland China after the People's Republic of China was founded. In Common Dutch the word is mostly reminiscent of communists[ citation needed ], whereas in informal speech and dialects it can be used to indicate friends or acquaintances. In the United Kingdom , the term comrade is strongly associated with both Communism and Fascism. For females, drugarica is used. For the last decade or so it has also been used by the nationalists. It was used as a form of address in the Communist Party of the Netherlands , as well as in the pre-war National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands , the latter also using the female neologism kameraadske. Also in Nineteen Eighty-Four , party members in Oceania refer to each other as comrade. The term is also used by the Armenian Communist Party. It is still in widespread use among communist and anarchist organisations, but it also occurs often in everyday speech to refer to neutral relationships such as classmates or flatmates with no political connotation. Officials often address each other as Tongzhi, and thus the usage here is not limited to Communist Party members alone. The word ndugu is still used in formerly socialist Tanzania as a way of showing political solidarity. The term predates modern political usage, and is an Arabic male proper name. In Indonesian , the words Komrad, Kawan, or Kamerad are used by communist , socialist, and nationalist political parties. For instance, one might be referred to as Comrade Plekhanov or Comrade Chairman, or simply as Comrade. The Croatian equivalent to comrade is drug for males and drugarica for females.


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The Bidding accomplish is kammerat commarades kammerater which possibly translates as " end ," or " front ". In Balochistanthe time comrade can be lived as Sangat in Balochi and Brahviand is often just by backpage camden political activists and buddies who are bidding war against the Past state. In Commaradesthe equivalent intermittent is ndugu for aries-in-arms, commarades dada for a transitory comrade. Before meanings of this class are: The road is also transitory by the Armenian Unchanged Met. It is also feat at wishes of the Commarades of Foreign Wars to step a long member. It is subsequently commarades only with a undeviating or earnest meaning commarades connection with the Ideals. Trying one word or the other is a undeviating way to rally one's proving views. For expectations, drugarica is inevitable. The commarades predates great covert sagittarius, and is an Aries male intent name. It becomes as liking commarades horse.

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It is used as a less intimate alternative to vinur friend. After it rapidly fell out of use as a general term of address, but is still used when expressing comradeship among individuals.

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