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At its peak, in the mids, the school which also had junior years had about children enrolled. In accordance to Catholic canon law this can occur only if there is no parish priest residing in the area as was the case then for a short time. The college building is a three-storey brick construction, containing 9 classrooms and an attached under croft recreational area. Location and demographics[ edit ] Marist Brothers Rosalie is located in the area known as Rosalie, which is a small locality within Paddington, an inner western suburb of the city of Brisbane. Accordingly, those demographics have indicated that there is a mini " baby boom " locally, which the school can draw from. Brisbane Catholic Education defended its advice to Archbishop Bathersby by saying that the school was not viable in its current position and that school age students of the Catholic faith in its catchments area were decreasing. Another wing of the college is located across the road at 61 Fernberg Road having been built in

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The original wooden church was constructed and formally blessed by Archbishop Robert Dunne on 10 March and was used until the large brick church was built in , and thereafter it was used for primary school schooling until it burnt down in the s. The group has been successful in gaining official support from local and Queensland State politicians, local businesses and the community as well as behind the scene support from Catholic Orders, Catholic priests and senior public servants. That is its administration was no longer done in the community but externally at the central offices of Brisbane Catholic Education. By the Marist College Rosalie roll was four hundred and fifty-one students. They were vocal in their criticism of Brisbane Catholic Education by citing official government figures and referring to poor work practices and managerial incompetence within Brisbane Catholic Education as the real reason for the schools misfortune. The college building is a three-storey brick construction, containing 9 classrooms and an attached under croft recreational area. There was also concern from the wider Catholic community regarding the closure of a number of schools under Archbishop Bathersby. Subsequent to the announcement a group of old boys, business leaders, parents, and concerned Catholics calling itself "Save Rosa" formed the "Rosalie College Interim Board" and have lobbied to keep the school open or open another Catholic School on the site. At the same time as Duhig's "construction" the Marist order was invited although the Marists taught at as far back as in the Rosalie parish , as were the Brigidine Sisters, Christian Brothers, and Josephite nuns to educate the Catholic families of Brisbane in these new buildings, and they became an integral part of Queensland's religious cultural history. The train line at Indooroopilly also links with buses from the non-train accessible western suburbs of Kenmore, Chapel Hill, Pinjarra Hills, Pullevale, Brookfield, Mt Ommaney, Jindalee, and Riverhills who also access the major Western Freeway for motorcars which exits onto Milton Road at Toowong before passing through Milton onto the city heart. Traditionally the school drew from this local population for its students, however, since the s and especially since the gentrification of the Paddington area in the s and s with young professionals, the school has drawn mainly from Catholic families on the western train line, and to a lesser extent from the northern suburbs of Kelvin Grove , Ashgrove , The Gap , Herston, Normanby and Windsor. Eventually modern school buildings were constructed, and the Monastery became primarily a residence for the teaching brothers of Marist College, Rosalie. The college grounds are terraced from the Fernberg Road level down to Beck Street; this area includes playgrounds, cricket nets and tennis courts. In designing the Marist Brothers Monastery, G. The present senior college was officially blessed and opened by Archbishop Duhig on 2 October at a cost of 35, pounds. In January the campus became the Lavalla Centre and is used by the Marist Brothers for teacher in-service training and retreats. Despite the fact that Catholic Education Brisbane and the Marist Brothers do not own the school or land they are influential in the direction the school takes, as is, traditionally, the Parish priest, who acts as a voice for the local Catholic community. Another wing of the college is located across the road at 61 Fernberg Road having been built in For athletics cerise and blue vertical stripes were used on the singlets. This is a long two level building with eight classrooms and facilities including an art room, a playground and covered area. Today the sons of immigrant families are a continuing presence at Marist College Rosalie, reflecting the multicultural population of Brisbane and the mix of Australian-Irish, Anglo-Irish, European, Asian and Latin at the school reflects the Catholic Church in a microcosm. The hills across Brisbane are dotted with Catholic education buildings built on land purchased by the Archbishop during this period as part of his vision for the future. It continues in this function today, as well as being a meeting place for parents and students of the College. Its aesthetic significance and association with Brisbane architect, George Frederick Addison, who was continuing the connection of his father, G. These suburbs were traditionally working class mainly made of old Anglo-Irish Catholic Australians, indigenous aboriginal people and new waves of Catholics migrants. Subsequently, Father Dennis Power, was assigned the parish however administration was not returned to the Parish. The monastery was also used as a boarding residence until

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Finally at Given Terrace there is the Sacred Heart Convent built in which was owned and used by the Sisters of Mercy order of nuns who had commenced teaching in the parish in until sold by them in In January the campus became the Lavalla Centre and is used by the Marist Brothers for teacher in-service training and retreats.

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